How to Buy the Best Corporate Present

If you have a business, you might have noticed some existing customers deviating from your services and moving to other brands. Besides some corporate e-mails and initial connections, the customers don’t have any other bond with your brand. They need something to remember you and get back to you for further business dealings. That’s where corporate gifts for business clients come into the picture; it’s the best investment you can make for your business’s prosperity.


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What are corporate gifts?

Corporate gifts are a form of souvenirs or mementos that you give to your existing or potential customers and  or to other top managerial executives in various other companies, to build a strong trust and relationship with them. Gifts will be a symbol of appreciation; it’ll display your commitment to them and how much you value their association.

You can’t simply go about gifting anything to your clients and customers. Your presents should be a memento and make them feel proud about being associated with your brand. Here are a few things to be considered, while buying corporate gifts:

  • Learn about various corporate policies

Different corporations will have their own corporate policies. Many corporate organisations, especially governmental bodies will usually have strict policies prohibiting gifts or limiting their monetary value to a certain amount. Before you buy gifts for these clients, make sure you check out their gifting policies and learn whether you can give them souvenirs or not, so there is no misunderstanding on both ends.

Get to know what they want 

Knowing what gift to buy for your corporate client is a big challenge in giving gifts. Most of the times, you wouldn’t know your clients or other corporate professionals on a personal level. You can’t absolutely detect what they’ll need, and it’s difficult to choose corporate gifts for business clients. If you have absolutely no idea of what to gift it’s better to call up your clients and ask them what they like. This would save your time looking out for presents and at the same time you end up buying something of their choice.

  • Overcome the cultural differences

The rules and laws of corporate gift giving might vary across different countries and cultures. Your company might be based in a different country from your client’s, so learn about their basic cultural faiths and practices, so that you don’t end up giving them a wrong gift or something that they might find offensive. For instance, you can’t wrap a present in white in China because it symbolizes death.

  • Focus more on the quality

Whatever is the gift that you send to your clients or customers, it will always reflect the image and status of your company. If you send some low-quality or irrelevant gift it’ll only impair your image and your clients will develop a negative feeling about your brand. Try to purchase good quality products that fits in line with your budget.

  • Don’t be afraid to spend on packaging 

Choosing the right gift wrap is very important when it comes to buying corporate gifts. Packaging is everything and first impression does matter. The gift wrap is something that they’ll first see while receiving the present. It must reflect your value on client association and should also make the receiver cheerful. Spend some money on the wrapping; if you can’t wrap it for yourself (I am hopeless at wrapping), it’s better to hire a gift-wrapping service to do the job beautifully.

  • Include a handwritten note 

Most of the e-mails and newsletters that move back and forth between you and your clients are always formal ones and are in digital or printed forms. A printed mail or an e-mail message will always be crisp and clear about the business dealing and they look very impersonal. But when it comes to corporate gift-giving, this strategy won’t work. When it comes to corporate gifts, I like to include handwritten notes for a very personal touch. Including handwritten greetings and notes will leave a far more lasting impression.

  • Deliver it personally 

If your corporate present isn’t very large or if you’re planning to meet up with your client, you can deliver the present to them personally. Personally delivering the gift will help you make your brand, a top-of-the-mind priority for your clients.

Corporate gifts are great ways to connect and communicate with your clients. It will strengthen your ties with them; helps build trust among them, and celebrate your success with them. You can adopt an attitude of giving gifts and this will help you succeed in the corporate environment.

Do you run a business? How do you decide on what corporate gifts to give your clients?


*Collaborative post.

15 responses

  1. We trained a team who came over from Mumbai and they presented us with hand-carved wooden elephants that they had brought over – mine is still on display

  2. I think a handwritten note is a really nice touch. Sometimes printed letters with corporate gifts seem a bit fake and spammy. But if I received a personal note with the momento, I think I would feel like I was one of the only few who received it. Great ideas.

  3. Not sure I like corporate gifts. You are limited with choice as the more expensive it gets the more it is considered a gift with intent ( on the border of being tagged a bribe).

  4. Corporate gifts are a very personal and much appreciated idea. I once received a gift for participating in a conference as a speaker and it came with a handwritten note which was lovely.

  5. I’ve never really considered it before. My partner was given a keyring with a photo of himself but didn’t really appreciate: I love it!

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