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My kiddies have decided that need a pet. They have been bugging me about having one for some time now, and the bugging has now increased. We are one of the only ones on our street without a dog or cat, so I can understand why they are so bent on having one. They see pets in almost every garden apart from theirs, and they are obsessed with them.

However, I don’t think I can deal with the stress and responsibilities of having a pet, but you never know what you are capable of sometimes. If we had to have one now, I would rather we pick a dog. I think some breeds are really cute, and dogs look like they would be fun to have around.

One thing I know for sure is, our home and garden is not dog friendly at all, so that would need sorting out before anything else, if we do go ahead. I recently came across an infographic by Ratten Direct – a leading supplier of garden furniture in the UK,and this infographic explained how a dog friendly garden should look like. It is definitely food for thought for dog owners and lovers. Here is the infographic below.


Garden tips image


I bet many of you were not aware of these possible dangers in the garden. I know I was aware of any of these, until I came across this infographic. Good I did, because I now know we are not having a dog or any kind of pet anytime soon, because our garden is nowhere where it needs to be in order to have one safely.

Is your garden dog friendly? What are your thoughts on this?

Please free feel to sound off in the comments section below.

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  1. My line on pets with children is a no: I had enough on when they were young. I love cats. My husband is a dog lover.

    My view is children don’t take responsibility long-term. I wasnt prepared to take over the jobs they fell off doing. I had enough on. I had seen that happen in too many families. We had fish and hamsters home for school hols. That was it.

    We both like our freedom to travel etc. now so don’t have pets even now the youngsters are grown. As for the guidelines yes was aware of most of them.

    It ia dreadful how some people treat animals and neglect them. A pet is for life. If you cant give them the time dont have them

  2. We recently got a puppy – a great pyrenees puppy…she is wonderful, but it is like having a fourth kid! And I need to get a fence up around my garden asap!

  3. I think we would want to get a dog when the boys are older. We have so many plants in our garden that are toxic to dogs though, so would mean we would need look at landscaping the garden… again.

  4. I didn’t have a pet growing and we got our first dog when I was 17. Best decision ever made and I would love to have a dog grow up with my children, when I do have children.

    I would have to agree with most of he comments. Dogs are a lot of work, I mean a lot! They become family members and so you truly have to be committed and have spare time on your hands in order to actually take care of one. It does teach responsibility to children when you have a dog and puts a lot of routine in your family’s life, but again, only if you are willing to change and commit. Another thing is that dogs are very expensive. Food and toys aside, you must be willing to pay for their annual shots, flea repellent, dental chews, grooming products etc. Also vet costs are super high and if you’re someone like me who is super paranoid and goes to the vet often, you money adds up! In fact, just last week I got my dog tested for allergies because he had been scratching al over his body for a couple months. We had tried everything! Different foods, opened the windows, reduced humidity, and even bought allergy pills which worked a bit but enough. Anyways, the pills were 200 dollars a bottle and after going through two bottles, we decided to do the test and that was over 500 dollars.

    All in all, having a dog is a big decision, and I would urge you to think over carefully about it. On the other hand, as I said before, BEST decision my family made!!!’ I love my baby brother!!!!

  5. My kids would love a pet, but daddy is allergic to pretty much everything so that always cuts the conversation short. Maybe I’ll give in and let them have some fish one day.

  6. What a useful leaflet for dog owners or prospective dog owners. We had a cat who died just before Christmas and the house really doesn’t feel like a home without an animal in. We will definitely get a dog next. Maybe a cat too!! Thanks for the write up. Kate

  7. Really helpful advice. We have a dog but Chris takes care of all of that because he has had Ollie for 10 years before we met: he knows what he’s doing!

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