Is Fashion Turning to Craft

I’ve always seen fashion as a reflection of your sense of what you term beautiful.


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All of the greatest fashion designers who have ever lived on the face of this earth created each piece of clothing with the inspiration that came from events that happened, people they’ve met or places they have been to. They used their talent to paint a picture of a man or woman with personality and character. Fashion designers spoke through the clothes they create.

But where does it all come from?

Everyday you wake up in the morning and mix and match your clothes together just to find the right ensemble to make you feel confident enough to step out of your house and start a new day. Who doesn’t want to look good, right?

But the more I studied the fashion industry and the dynamics behind it, I started to realize that there’s more depth to just putting items of clothing together.


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Have you ever sat down to listen to what fashion commentators say about a fashion designer once their models have left the runway? They analyze every single piece, touching different aspects of it from the colour palette the designer used, the clever cutting, the genius behind their choice of fabric and even the mood the pieces vibrate.

There are even blogs nowadays where people give their own comments on the latest fashion. Whenever I make my Outfit Posts, I also drop my own perception of the outfit I chose to wear for the day. In a nutshell, everything that comes with your outfit has its meaning and defines your style.

Fashion stylists have a special place in the fashion industry. They know exactly how to put together the right items to create the desired effect. For example, there are some clothes that can either flatter your assets or hide them from view. There are also outfits that can make you look taller, shorter, fatter, or slimmer than you naturally are.


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We would say that such people know the laws behind optical illusions, but they know their craft. They know the weight of the effect clothes can have on your style and the way people perceive you.

We’re slowly moving towards an age where nothing goes to chance or mere guessing anymore. There are angles, dimensions, rules, laws, perceptions, theories and history behind fashion now. People no longer observe fashion and let it just simply slide by. People study fashion and everything associated with it.

A stitch, cut or trimming can alter the balance of your style. If you choose the wrong outfit in the wrong season or you feel you could carry over an item of clothing, you need to think carefully about it. You need to be precise with fashion.

Does this mean that just because fashion is a craft no one else can get it right? Absolutely not! Fashion is also born from inspiration. You may experience a spark that will unleash your most magnificent style. There’s really no limit to how far you can go.

What are your thoughts on this? Do you think fashion is a craft?

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  1. I think fashion designer are kind of artist some of their clothes are really beautiful. Unfortunately for me I work in a lab so I can’t wear very fashionable clothes.

  2. I am still new to fashion and no very little about putting an outfit together but I am learning lots from reading your pages. Family life and caring responsibilities don’t leave a lot of time for looking good!

  3. I do agree that fashion is a craft. I also feel like fashion is a form of art. When people combine certain patterns, textures, and colors of clothing, it turns into a very creative, unique outfit! Thanks for sharing!

  4. Fashion is both and art and a craft. I can tell you the women in Paris seemed to have mastered it, trying to copy their style, but I am a little hit and miss. Still trying to perfect the perfect thrown together look!

  5. It definitely is an art form, that is for sure. I wish I knew more about it – I just tend to buy practical things. Today I bought summer clothes though! 🙂

  6. I think fashion is an art and a craft, but because it is so personal to an individual there isn’t really a right or wrong way to do it.

  7. I think of fashion as a costume that you put on to reflect how you want the world to see you on a particular day

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  9. I never thought of calling fashion a craft, but on a personal level of dressing yourself it’s definitely about honing your sense of style and the colours, patterns, textures, and silhouettes you like :3

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