Having a Bad Day

Everyone has a fair share of good and bad days. Although it can be hard to believe that when all we see on social media is pictures of others having a good life, which is usually far from the truth. Even the most jovial of all people have their down times. Having a bad day happens to the happiest of us.

When you’re sad or lonely, there is an inclination to stay locked up indoors, listen to sad music or cry in bed. But as much as you may feel pushed to do all of these things, that will do no good.


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The worst thing anyone could ever do when they’re sad is to remain sad. Yes, whatever may be the cause of your sadness, it is never a good excuse to stay that way. We all have bad days. Let’s face it: there’ll always be someone or something that will piss you off. I face bad days every now and then. But over time I developed some key strategies that have helped me get over my bad days and turn them into awesome ones.

Here are 6 things that you can do right away to get started.


Dance like no one is watching.

Music has an amazing effect on our emotions and the emotions heightens when we dance. Play some groovy music and flow with the rhythm. Just dance like no one is watching. I guarantee you would start to feel better within minutes of dancing. I do this all the time and it works. Pharrell Williams Happy song is one of my favourite songs to dance to whenever I feel low.


Having a bad day? Just smile.

This simple hack works any time any day. When the day looks grim, a smile can be a huge game changer. Smiling lightens up your mood even when you don’t feel like smiling. It’s so powerful that your day starts transforming into something positive. And guess what? A smile is contagious, so help spread the happiness around, by smiling more. I am learning to smile more and it is doing a lot of good for my mental health.


Talk to a trusted friend.

Sometimes all you need on a bad day is just to let out your feelings to someone you trust. A problem shared is a problem solved. Don’t be shy to pour your heart out to a good friend. Speaking about issues does help. I have a few trusted people on speed dial, I can trust with anything. And if you don’t have anyone you trust with your issues, you could write them down. You could write them down in a diary to get the weight off your chest. You could also blog about it, and get comments from complete strangers that would give you some peace or advise.


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Engage in an activity you enjoy.

When you’re having a bad day, the easiest way to turn it around is by doing something that you enjoy. If you love going hiking, then go for it. If you love reading, pick up your favourite classic and flip through the pages. If you love playing the piano, then get your hands on your favourite piece. Engaging in an activity its you enjoy will definitely help you deal with a bad day.


Keep a gratitude journal.

No matter how bad your day is, you need to always count your blessings. Have a journal and write a list of all the things you are grateful for. It may be difficult in the beginning but as you keep at it, you’ll see that there are so many things out there to remain grateful for. It could be the little things, like a roof over your head, food on your plate, freedom, anything. I have a gratitude journal and I love writing in it. It reminds me to stay humble.


Make someone’s day brighter.

When your day is bad, challenge yourself to put a smile on someone’s face. Reach out to someone in need. Call a friend you’ve not been in touch with for years. Volunteer at a charity. As you try to make a positive impact on others, you’ll see your day transform for the better.


How do you deal with bad days?

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  1. My boys love Pharrel Williams Happy! That’s such an uplifting type of song. Music is my go-to for whatever emotion I’m feeling. Sometimes you have to feel the sadness for a day or two and just kind of sit with it and deal in order to move on to bigger and brighter things. It also depends on the type of sadness we’re talking about. Recently, my ex-husband’s grandmother passed away and my kids have had some sadness going on, especially my 10 year old. For the most part he is fine but at least once a day he gets sad and I just have to let him be sad for awhile. I also recently went through a break-up and I have had to kind of deal with it and let myself be sad for a bit. I still get a little sad every now and then but as you say, you can only be sad for so long before you have to pick yourself back up again. My motto on sadness is this: Allow yourself to be sad for while. Give yourself a day or two to just deal and feel the pain. We are all human and sadness is a natural emotion. Rather than brush it away and avoid it, embrace it. At least for a little while. Usually when I’m sad I give myself a day to just be sad and really feel it. By the next day I’m back to my old self and ready to conquer the world:)

  2. I deal with bad days by reframing the problem or sometimes thinking about the worst case scenario. It seems like the opposite you should do, but I do it because I realize that whatever happens can’t nearly be as bad as that! I also remind myself that 80% of the things we worry about will never come to pass. Then I eat a chocolate bar! Lol

  3. Great ideas beaut.

    If I’ve had a bad day sometimes a little cry helps or a good laugh!
    I’ve long realised many a person aren’t worth it & as such shouldn’t affect my day!

    Onwards & upwards.
    One giggle at a time x

  4. I”ve tried and tried with a gratitude journal and I just can’t bring myself to complete it. Its something I know is helpful and really want to do, your post has inspired me so thank you xx

  5. Such great words. You’re right, it’s important not to stay sad – to try and be proactive about your own happiness x

  6. Music has always been a go too for me, too. Different music has helped me at different times of my life. Gutted recently with the sad news of Chester Bennington death (Linkon Park) there music was a massive part of my life in the early millennium and got me through some dark times. Not music I have listened to for many years now though. I like an eclectic choice so will turn to whatever takes my mood.

    The other tool I use is writing to get rid of my thoughts out of my head. It doesn’t matter what I write. No one is going to see it. I start by getting what is going on out of my head and it just flows. The sh*tty committee in my head needs to be stilled at times, so I kick them out by writing about them and writing for me works everytime cos I get a better sense of what is really going on. Meditation is also good

    • Yea meditation helps massively too. Chester’s death got to me so badly. I am a huge fan of Linkin Park, love their music. So to think we was sad all along is very sad.

  7. The 5th and 6th are part of my true and simple life philosophy. I am a fan of journaling especially gratitude journalling.
    Secondly, I believe when we make others feel good and expect nothing in return, the joy that comes with it fulfills us.
    Thanks for sharing.

  8. I’ve started keeping a gratitude journal. Sometimes its really hard to find something to write but I always push myself to write down three things

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