What is your Personality Type

What is your personality type? Have you ever taken a test to find out where you fall in? Knowing the strengths and weaknesses of your personality type is the first step in understanding and loving yourself. To know and love yourself, you need to be aware of what makes you tick.

I recently came across the Myers Briggs Test article and I found it quite informative. The article explained the 16 Myers-Briggs Personality Types in detail and how they operate; their needs and their potential frustrations. I found the article very interesting to read. I could easily spot my personality type, as well as those of my friends and family. For those who were wondering, I fall under the INTJ – The Mastermind Personality.


INTJ – The Mastermind Personality Type


Personality type picture



This Mastermind Personality type description is so me. I tick all the boxes. I am super comfortable in stable environments, and that is why I dislike anything that changes my lifestyle or routine, like the moving houses bit like I mentioned in a previous post. Holidays are fun, and are needed but I like to come back to my cosy home after all the fun and excitement.

I thrive in stability and with a flexible routine in place. I also find contentment in a small number of close relationships. You can count the number of close friends I have on 1 palm. I like to keep my circle small and tight to protect my energy and sanity.

Socialising drains me most of the time, which is why I won’t go out of my way to attend events or network in real life. I find them boring and draining half the time. I need alone time regularly to recharge my batteries and think outside of the box.

Most of my close friends and family members fall under the ESFP – The Performer and ESFJ – The Provider.  I have a few who fall under my personality type too which is great. Overall, I enjoyed reading about the different personality types, and trying to spot people with the different personalities  in my real life.


ESFP – The Performer


Personality image



ESFJ – The Provider Personality Type


personality type picture


Understanding your personality is one good thing you can do for yourself. Your personality type explains the reasons behind your actions and inactions, so it is definitely worth knowing.

You can find out where you fall in by taking the free personality test here and find out what your personality type is. The PersonalityMatch App is feee to download on the App Store and Google Play store.

Thanks for reading.


*Collaborative Post.


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  1. I think I may be the INFJ. I am pretty much an introvert and do need my alone time to recharge! I would much rather prefer to be alone than to socialize and if I have to socialize its the worst thing in the world for me!

  2. I did this at work once but whilst it was useful for understanding myself I found it particularly useful understanding others and improving how to approach them in a way that encouraged their skill set and personality type.

  3. Very interesting- I feel my personality can change depending on who I am around – if that makes sens , so I’d class myself as a bit of a mongrel ha! X

  4. Here is another website with the 16 profiles. I wish that they would NOT have “titles” or names for each of the the Types, because people will want to come out as whatever type has the coolest title, which sounds arbitrary, anyway. But it’s informative.

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