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I am badly in need of a proper holiday. It has been a busy year so far, and a nice mini break is already needed. I have a few holiday destinations in mind, and I need to get planning. I am hoping to visit 3 countries this year as I did last year. Last year, I visited Italy in January, and Dubai and Oman in summer. I am not 100% sure of which countries I want to visit this year, but I am hoping they will be as much as fun as my holidays were last year.




Here are 3 holiday destinations I have in mind –



I never really wanted to visit Iceland until some years ago. It has become a very popular holiday destination, and I now badly want to visit it. I would love to go ice-climbing in Iceland one day. I took some ski lessons last year with the family last year, and planning on having some more ski lessons this year. I have heard a lot of good things about ski lessons les menuires, so will be checking the snow school out later in the year.

Learning to ski professionally has always been a dream of mine. I hope it becomes a reality one day.


New York

I have never been to New York – The Big Apple before, but I plan to visit really soon. I have heard a lot about this amazing city, and I can’t wait to see it all for myself. It also sounds like a lovely winter destination. Especially if you are after the cold temperature, as I hear it gets really cold in the Big Apple. Even colder than in London.

New York is definitely a romantic winter destination for love birds, and a great all year travel destination too!


Los Angeles

Visiting this Southern California city is high on my travel list. Escaping to sunny Los Angeles would be an amazing idea right now as it is painfully cold in Cheshire.

I have always wanted to visit Los Angeles, thanks to the many reality tv shows filmed in the city. God knows I have seen loads. It would be great to visit the Disneyland park over there and experience the Hollywood city. There is a lot to see in this city and I am seriously looking forward to the day we would make a trip down.

It is quite a distance, so not sure this trip will be happening anytime soon with the kids. Maybe when they are a little older.


What travel destinations do you have in mind for 2018?


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  1. Los Angeles is high on my travel list as well, hopefully I get to tick it off in the near future. This year I plan to have city breaks in Europe and travel to Cape Town – let’s see if it goes to plan, lol.


  2. I would love to go to Iceland as it has incredible street art,not to mention the ‘Blue Lagoon’ as well! I would really go to Italy this year as I was meant to go last year and was unable to go!

  3. Iceland always looks wonderful, but with an autie who refuses to even contemplate flying we are limited to the UK or near continent for the foreseeable future.

  4. Don’t letlthe distance put pupils off taking the kids to LA. We did London to Portland last yyea with our 3.5 year old son and it was fine. This year we’re visiting Ireland, Barcelona and Finland so far x

  5. Great list here and some nice pics. I visited Iceland a few years ago and loved it – so much cool stuff to see and do and such an awesome climate! Would love to visit again.

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