Patting is the Best Skincare Application

Last week I came across an interesting discovery – we have been applying skincare products the wrong way! For as long as I can remember, I have been applying skincare products by rubbing them into my skin. That’s the only way I ever knew how. And I am sure most of you apply cream or lotions the same way too.



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I was very surprised to find out that all the while I had been applying skincare products into my skin, I had been damaging my skin in the process and drastically reducing the efficacy of the products I apply on my face. After I made an interesting discovery of the effects of rubbing, I found it really important for me to share this information with you.


What rubbing really does to your face

Rubbing skincare products on your face stretches the skin. This directly results in wrinkles as the rubbing breaks down collagen and elastin that help to keep your skin smooth. So here’s what that means: Every time you rub, you add more wrinkles to your face.

Strangely, I thought that if I rubbed the cream on my skin, it would help evenly distribute the cream on my skin but it turns out I was totally wrong. Instead of distributing my skincare product, rubbing made me remove it off my skin thus leaving only a little product to work on my skin.

Rubbing skincare products on your skin leaves your face looking puffy. This is because the rubbing movement pushes against the flow of your lymphatic system. This is what causes the puffiness.



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Why you should do more patting

Right now you’re probably as surprised as I was when I found out how rubbing has been affecting my skin all these years. The good news is that there is no better time to make the switch to patting than now.

Apparently, patting comes with a lot of benefits. In fact, it does the complete opposite to what rubbing does. When you pat skincare products on your skin, you’re actually helping to enhance the production of collagen on your skin and stimulate blood flow. Collagen is what will help make your skin firm and elastic.

As you put products on your skin and pat instead of rub, you’re assured of a more even distribution of the product on your skin. This helps to ensure that you enjoy the full benefit from the product you purchase.

Patting is gentler on your skin and it has been proven to increase the efficacy of the products you apply on your face. This is because more product is being absorbed into your skin. No wonder the products I bought some months ago didn’t work as well as I had expected!

Knowing that this little hack can make all the difference in your skincare regimen is comforting. So start showing your skin more love by patting your skin instead of mindlessly rubbing it. It could go a long way to give you the smooth and youthful glow you had been looking for.



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  2. I had no idea that rubbing does that! Thanks for sharing this with me! I’m definitely gonna tell my friends and family about this, as they too have rubbed since they can remember without ever giving it a second thought. xx

  3. All these years I’ve patted myself dry instead of rubbing. It never occurred to me to do the dance with products! Thanks for letting me know. Hopefully it’s not too late to stop those wrinkles forming. Haha

  4. Yep, I never knew that. But it makes sense. Any time I’ve been for a facial the therapist always pats the eye cream on. But strangely only the eye cream. I’m going to give patting a try!

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