3 Social Media Management Tips for Business Owners

Social Media is a force to be reckoned with in the business industry. It is not a thing you just do for fun anymore, especially when you have a brand/business to promote. It is serious business, and it amazes me how many businesses neglect their social media accounts.

Many of these business owners do not fully understand the impact social media has on their business. If they saw the big picture, they would pay that bit extra and hire a professional social media manager to sort out their social media accounts. Rather than trying to do everything by themselves, and failing woefully.


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As a social media manager, I had to teach myself all I needed to know about social media, and I am still learning. There is always something new to learn everyday and I am forever grateful for the opportunities I have to learn.


Here are some social media management tips you can implement today –


Post regularly and consistently

Posting regularly and consistently is a great way to grow your social media platforms. It means you will appear regularly in newsfeeds, and attract more eyeballs to your pages and websites.

Regularly for me means every weekday, excluding holidays if you like. I find it very shocking whenever I come across a business social media account that has not been updated in days. Such accounts usually look neglected, almost like an afterthought. Growing a business with neglected social media accounts will never work in this day and age.


Don’t buy followers

I know how tempting it can be to buy social media followers. It is easily done and it seems everyone is doing it to boast their credibility. But I will never advise any brand/business to buy followers. It does not work long-term. The bought followers won’t buy what you are selling, and they will never engage.

I recommend running ads and being active on the social media platforms to grow the followers. This takes time and effort, so it is worth hiring a social media manager to get the job done professionally.


Give value

Social media is a platform for exchanging information, great content and value. As a business owner you need to run regular giveaways and discount deals to drive engagement. Also, you need to ensure any information you share on your social media platforms offers a sort of value to your followers.


These are some of my tried and tested social media management tips you could implement on your platforms today. Do let me know if you have any questions or tips of your own to share.


Thanks for reading. Have a lovely Monday.




33 responses

  1. That’s my big problem. I don’t really post regularly. Then again, I’m really fine with it actually, so maybe I shouldn’t moan? 😉 I don’t understand why people would actually buy followers!

  2. You are defitinitely right about business owners not understanding. As a comper we see alot of it with small businesses who don’t get how much compers give them free promotion.

    Once it is explained to thrm that we give alot of free advertising and we are all also potential customers etc they usually admit they got it wrong and change there minds which is good.

    Then we have a few who don’t realise! The behaviour of one has bern bizaire. Thet blocked about 50 of us we know of. Thet even blocked a regular customer cos she comped.

    We then fibd out the person has a mole or is under another name in com0 forums. Thet are taking our discussions copy pasting and editing what has as been said.

    Needless to say they don’t gave a Facebook page anymore.

  3. Being consistent and posting on SM regularly is crucial, but is also something I struggle with the most. I would rather live the moment, that write about it on twitter. I need to change it, though, if I want my SM channels to grow. Great post! x

  4. You’re so right in all of these. Buying followers always looks spammy, and doesn’t give you the interaction you really need.

  5. Great tips – thanks! I think it can be super tempting to buy followers but I think deep down people want a more natural and organic following of like minded accounts.

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