How to be a Social Butterfly on Social Media

I am a Social Butterfly online but as boring as hell in real life!! My real life is made up of routines, sometimes very strict, to keep me sane and productive. But for me to make a name for myself and Fashion and Style Police, I needed to be very social online.

Social media is the shortest route to your target audience as almost everyone has a phone and most times they’re on social media.


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It’s one thing to be on social media, it’s another to use it effectively. Although social media brings people together, it’ll take some skill to form a close connection, because you don’t have the opportunity to speak to your audience face-to-face. Consequently, people find it easier to consume content instead of engaging.

For freelancers, this may pose as a problem. If you don’t engage with your audience, then no one will know about you. Engagement is where there results are.

The good news is that you can learn how to be more social on social media. It all starts with challenging yourself to take deliberate guided steps to being more social. Here are 4 challenges to help you get started today.

Challenge #1 – Be genuinely interested in individuals

This is the foundation of being social on social media because it creates a bond that will grow into a relationship.

Genuine interest sparks conversation which is continuous, fun and engaging. It inspires questions to ask and it will help you get to know the person you’re speaking with.

Action Step: When you login to any social media platform, be genuinely interested in your target audience. You can ask them how they’re doing and what they’ve been up to and build the conversation from there.

Challenge #2 – Comment more

Tapping on the little heart icon on Instagram or the thumbs up icon on Facebook is so much easier than thinking of something witty or interesting to say about the post. For those who comment, they could just drop one-word comments like “Yes”, “Good” or “Truth”. That’s not socializing, that is spamming!

Socializing requires you to create conversation. Type out what you like about the post. Get the conversation going with a question that will get a response and tell you more about the post.

Action Step: Every time you hit the like button, make the next action you take be a comment. With continuous practice commenting will be like second nature to you.


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Challenge #3 – Send a message

We get carried away with acquiring friends, followers and fans that we forget to speak to them.  How many friends/followers do you have? Compared to the number of people you speak to daily, I can guarantee that it’s nowhere near half the number of friends/followers you have.

Action Step: Send a private message to at least 3 people a day. Check on them and catch up on their lives.

Challenge #4 – Join discussions

Another way to get social, is to hop into conversations on social media like the ones on discussion threads. It makes your job easier as all you have to do is to participate in the conversation giving your contribution. Twitter is a great social media platform to practice this through Twitter chats. Facebook groups are also excellent.

Action Steps: Scout around for conversations on social media you can join in and make positive contribution to keep the conversation going.


Are you a social butterfly? Do you have any tips to share?

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  2. Great suggestions. I agree that good comments are hard to make. Great dress, for example. I mean the wearer knows that it is a great dress. A feedback on what you like about the styling of the outfit is so much more thoughtful. The big hurdle is often time.

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  4. I’ve been commenting on more blog posts lately and trying to interact a lot more. I used to never be off Twitter and took part in up to 13 (!!) networking hours a day. I was a bit obsessed. Now I’ve taken a step back from it to work on my blog, but I do miss the interaction. Time is the thing that limits me now as I usually have so much work to do I don’t have the time left for browsing social media which is a shame, but also great I’m so busy with work! 🙂

  5. This is such a good post girl! Building relationships with your viewers is so important and I totally agree. You should talk more about how you built such a large wordpress following in an upcoming post!

  6. I totally need to take up these challenges as I am guilty of building a following I forgot about engagement and whilst I engage with fellow bloggers rarely with others who are not bloggers

  7. I love these challenges and will definitely have to bear them in mind as I try to grow my platforms and engage with followers!

  8. Love your tips. It can seem daunting to begin with, but joining in discussions definitely helps. I like taking part in Twitter chats – I find with them already from the outset I have something in common with the others who join in,

  9. Wonderful post. As a fashion & lifestyle blogger I find that most of my following is tbe same. Hence, they don’t comment much despite me leaving 2-3 sentence comments specically about the caption & photo. I will definitely try the DM strategy. I also invite them to collaborate. Any other suggestions to get more engagement? More followers who simply love fashion, style & women’s empowerment.

    Thank you for an engaging post.

  10. Oh these are great tips. I am so useless with getting involved in the conversation. I just don’t have the hours in the day which is bad. It’s something I kind of miss since having my little one. I can’t just pop on a twitter chat if it’s at bed time.

  11. Great advice, I am very shy in person so being able to have conversations online is fab for me 🙂

  12. Some great advice in this post. I’m just starting out with my blog and am still trying to get the hang of it all. So far I’ve focused more on content than engagement, but I need to start commenting and engaging more on social media and WordPress! Do you think commenting on blog posts is equally as important as engagement on social media?

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