Drinkable Skincare? What’s Next?

I have always taken my skincare routine seriously and made sure that I used the right products for my skin. I did go through a lot of trial and error as I came across products that negatively affected my skin.

I’m always on a lookout for products that will provide the best results for my skin with little or no side effects. Which is why I keep a close eye on the latest developments in the beauty industry.


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Drinkable Skincare

Recently, I have noticed a trend to embrace a holistic approach to skincare. Taking care of your skin doesn’t end at applying creams, cleansers or oils. Beautiful skin can also be achieved from the inside out. In fact, we have been neglecting that part of our skincare regime.

Nutricosmetics is the latest development in the beauty industry. Imagine eating or drinking your way to healthy, supple and magnificent skin. This is how nutricosmetics work.

Supplements, powders and drinks were developed to enhance the cells in your body which then restores good health to your skin and make it glow. Ingestible skincare products have proven to be pretty effective. These drinkable skincare products contain essential vitamins, antioxidants and minerals that work well on your skin. Some have anti-inflammatory properties, while others contain properties that will boost collagen production in your skin.

Most of the skincare conditions we deal with are caused from immune deficiency or digestive problems. Drinkable skincare products tackle those problems right from the root such that it radiates on your skin. I think it is a brilliant idea!



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I love how the the beauty industry evolved from producing topical skincare products to ingestible skincare products. The topical products focus on problems that occur on the surface of your skin. Although there are a lot of products that have recorded considerable success in dealing with blemishes on your skin, they don’t totally eradicate them. Tackling the problem from the outside doesn’t entirely prevent them from reappearing.

Have you ever used a certain product and it felt like it took forever before you were able to see an improvement? That is the problem with topical products and the beauty industry was quick enough to notice this.


How Drinkable Skincare Products Work

With drinkable skincare products the contents go straight into the cells causing your skincare condition. Although there were people who came up with their own mixtures, juices or teas to improve their skin, the beauty industry took it a step further by experimenting and studying various skin conditions, their probable causes and the exact components that will help solve the problem at the cellular level.

Their findings helped them come up with the ideal blends that will tackle the problem straightaway instead of leaving everything to guesswork. The beauty industry has helped us to deal with our skin issues with precision.

At the end of the day, this development in the beauty industry has been well-accepted and now you see more and more people drink their way to beautiful skin and healthy bodies. Probably this is the answer to all the frustrations that women have been facing as to glowing skin.


What Next?

Constant research is being carried out to develop drinkable products that will work faster and more effectively. As time goes by, we will definitely see more of such products being sold in stores and used in our homes.

What do you think of drinkable skincare products? Have you used any? I have used a few and I think they are fabulous. Please share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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  1. I think taking a holistic approach to any aspect of health including skincare makes so much sense. Working from the inside out has got to be good, but I wasn’t aware that drinkable skincare products even existed until now – I’ll definitely keep my eyes open for them 🙂

  2. I’ve never come across an actual drinkable skincare product but I’ve always found that if I drink plenty of water, my skin stays clear. So I do believe drinkable skincare products will have a great effect from the inside out!

  3. I am of the firm belief that beautiful skin comes from within. Drinking water is the #1 best thing we can do for that healthy glow, plus making sure we consume enough essential fatty acids and nutrients. It’ll be interesting to see how these products develop.

  4. I like the idea of drinkable skincare. I’m rubbish at remembering to put creams on and I’m also a bit wary of applying stuff to my face because I’m prone to acne. (@Natterjacktoad7)

  5. Oh never heard of this before! I have just started taking better care of my skin rather than using babywipes to remove make up! *shock horror*. Will look in to this thank you

  6. I once got in to a conversation with my brother with how one his close friends had the skin most women were jealous of. How did he do it. I just drank water all the time. He didn’t drink alcohol, he just drank purified water. So hearing that there is a new type of skin care, makes total sense.

    Thanks for Sharing

    John M

  7. I think this makes perfect sense. Nowadays I think a lot of things are just treating the symptoms and not treating the underlying causes of issues. So this is great to see, I didnt even know this was happening!

  8. I guess we’ve always known that eating healthily and drinking plenty of water helps our skin. I guess drinkable skin care would therefore make sense. I haven’t tried any though.

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  10. I’m always so curious about whether drinkable Skincare products work. I went to the Coty pop up in NYC a few months ago and drinkable Skincare was everywhere! I’m definitely going to try out a few. Great post!

  11. I’ve heard about drinkable collagen somewhere and was absolutely amazed! I’ve read some positive reviews on it and that it actually works. When I have the opportunity I’m gonna try it myself.
    I’m a big fan of a holistic approach to skincare. Healthy diet, a good dose of exercise and proper skincare routine can work wonders!

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