How Black Panther Became a Fashion Force to Reckon With

It’s a rare sight to come across movies that not only capture the hearts of their audience but also make a lasting imprint on the world of fashion. I can see why millions of people rushed to the cinemas to watch Black Panther. It is certainly worth all the hype and buzz it’s receiving right now.

Black Panther has definitely taken the fashion industry by storm, with everyone strolling to watch in their beautiful African attires. The ingenuity invested in every outfit in the movie is priceless. Have you seen the movie?


Black Panther Movie Picture


Black Panther Fashion Message

Black Panther sent a strong message to the fashion industry. Aside from the outfits, it gave designers of colour the opportunity to fully express their creative ideas in fashion. This was a privilege that is unfortunately difficult to come by in the industry. In all my years studying the fashion world, I learned that talent alone is not enough to get your work to the forefront. It’s so much more than that. You need connections and money to make your way in. So unless you are well connected and rich or in the position to get financial help, say with Lendgreen Installment Loans, to kick your fashion business moving, you would struggle. 

Black Panther created an avenue for designers of colour to show off the beauty on African fashion. It opened people’s eyes to how beautiful and colourful African fashion can be. Which would in time create more awareness of African designs and fashion designers of colour.


The Fashion Buzz

I believe the buzz around Black Panther is shining lights on African and African-American designers. Black Panther helped inspire pieces with the infusion of African prints and a dash of African culture represented in creative designs. It’s strange how African-inspired fashion have been left unnoticed for so long. But thanks to the coming of Black Panther we are not only given the opportunity to see African designs in its full light, we also get to see how it relates to the future. Black Panther shows a world which is technologically advanced thus giving people the chance to see how African-inspired fashion can fit today and the future.



African Fashion Picture

What I Believe

To me this is extremely exciting. I’m always happy when minorities are given a voice. And there’s no better way to speak up than through your creative works.

I see this new development in the fashion scene yielding a positive response. More people will be open to trying what’s new, a culture that they’re not familiar with. As the hype for Black Panther continues, there will be more people embracing futuristic African styles. I also believe that famous designers will start incorporating a touch of African to their designs. But most of all, I am absolutely hopeful that more designers of colour will be given an equal chance to showcase their ingenuity. The fashion industry is dynamic and highly responsive to what’s happening in the world. There’s a lot to thank Black Panther for. I know that there’s more for us to see.


Have you seen the Black Panther movie? What are your thoughts?


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41 responses

  1. I haven’t seen the film because I don’t watch movies but I have been impressed by the sartorial choices made by Danai Gurira she always gets it right.

    I like the bold colours and wetlook fabrics that everyone has been rocking very on trend.

  2. I love how they explored majority of the African cultures through the prints, shapes and colours…this movie truly imprinted on was pretty awesome that most people were inspired t dress up in African inspired theme just to see the movie. Its revolutionary. Can’t wait to see the ripple effect in the fashion scene…I saw the movie just yesterday. I’m still buzzing from excitement.

  3. The movie was beautifully made. From the fashion to the message. It represented our culture very well. I love comics/superheroes and the movies. When I found out they were making A Black Panther movie I was excited and nervous at the same time. There had been black superhero movies but they fall very short. I was not disappointed with this movie.

  4. Yes! I saw the movie and absolutely loved it, and definitely noticed the fashion being showcased. I agree that talent alone is sadly not always enough to get work recognized, so any time designers are given the opportunity to showcase their work is a reason to celebrate!

  5. I haven’t seen the movie yet but am intrigued after hearing about the costume design. I have always admired African-inspired designs and would love to see more of it in fashion.

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