Decorating the home this Christmas on a Budget

I noticed most of our neighbours had their Christmas decorations up pretty early this year. We noticed decorations going up from as early as middle November, and I couldn’t understand why they were putting up the decorations so early (oh the electricity bill). But I think many people are just so excited about Christmas and I don’t blame them. I have been looking forward to this Christmas for some months now. It has been a very busy year with lots of ups and downs. So I am eager to chill out with my loved ones, listen to Christmas songs and watch the beautiful Christmas light. I am also looking forward to eating lots of yummy food in my home clothes and watching the kids get all excited as they open their Christmas gifts.

My son has been counting down to Christmas for weeks now, and he is getting really excited that the big day is now only a few days away.


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Christmas Decorations

When it comes to Christmas decorations, we like to make more of an effort now that the Kiddies are older and more aware of the season. We had our Christmas decorations up and ready first week in December, which is very early for us. So the Christmas Tree and all its ornaments, indoor lights, the wreath, and we even got some new stunning outdoor lights from Amazon this year. The outdoor lights are battery operated which is great as I don’t like to deal with wires everywhere, and I find them easier to install, and cheaper to operate.


DIY Christmas Decorations

The Kiddies also made some DIY Christmas Tree ornaments at school the other day, and they look amazing on the tree.  DIY Christmas decorations is something I would love to do more of with the kids. It is a bonding experience with the kids and I think the DIY decorations add personal touches to the overall look of the house this season. It also helps that the twins really enjoy making them as well. Plus, it is an affordable way to decorate the house.

We got the twins involved in decoration the house this Christmas. They took part in decorating the Christmas tree, and it was fun to see how excited they were being involved.

Grandparents can also get their grandchildren involved in decorating their home. It is a great way to have fun and spend time as a family.



Christmas Tree Image DIY Christmas decorations image


Decorating the home this Christmas on a Budget

Christmas is one of the most expensive times in the year, and the pressure is on for many to make it a memorable one for the whole family. Christmas decorations play a big role in the festivities, so it makes sense to ensure you decorate on a budget. Here are 3 ways you could go about doing this –


Don’t decorate too early

Putting up the Christmas Decorations in November is just too much for me. I think the first week in December should be the earliest time to get them up. Anything before that is way too early and expensive.


Switch the lights off

We switch off our indoor lights when we go to bed and our outdoor lights go off in the day time. I see many people who leave their lights all day and I wonder how high their next electricity bill would be.


Use battery operated lights where possible

Like I previously mentioned, our outdoor lights are battery operated. I got the lights from online some weeks ago, and the kiddies really like them. The lights came with a tiny remote control which is super handy. I popped in 3 Duracell batteries as soon as the lights arrived and they are doing the work perfectly. I find battery operated outdoor lights cheaper and easier to have around during Christmas.



How did you go about decorating your home this season? Do you have any budget Christmas decoration tips to share?


*Collaborative post.





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  1. Get decorations from the budget shops, such as pound-land, is a good way to budget. Personally this year I have cut right down on the decorations. With the unexpected passing of my husband in March I am not much in the mood. I bought a small LED tree for the tabletop in the living room and I have put out the collection of Disney Christmas bears I have. That’s it. I have done it for our Grandchildren,

    I have had some lovely Christmas cards which the majority of include my husband name, with a message of God bless him and the like. I have also put up our Christmas cards we recycled over the years. We kept our cards many years ago and recycle them each year with a new message. I am so glad we did that. Ofcourse I have put a message in for my husband this year (we also did with birthday, anniversaries etc)

    A friend also sent us a homemade computer ,made Christmas card with a picture of us on our wedding day. Beautiful. It’s tapping into the spiritual side of life and pure love which I am blessed to be surrounded by. The card takes pride of place on my display of love of my husband photo;s along with our cards.

    Decorating is about tapping into the love of the season too. I also used to use the adult children decorations too when they were little. I have been tired for a few years of how commercialised Christmas has come. It gets worse by the years, or maybe I am just getting older. If we can tap into the real message of Christmas within the excitement (the spiritual message of love, whether that be through Christianity or otherwise) that I think is where we get the real meaning from.

    • I agree with all you have said. It is so commercialised now which kind of takes the beauty away from the season. I hope people step back from it all for a minute and remember the reason for the season.

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