Why You Should Unfollow Anyone Who Makes You Feel Bad About Yourself

Social media is a great way to show parts of your life. But people only share the best sides. When they do that, they unintentionally leave others who view their post feeling bad about their own lives, because they’re not measuring up. If that’s you, then you’ve probably started hating your experience online already.

My advice is to unfollow any account that makes you feel bad about yourself. Make sure that the accounts that you follow on social media uplift and inspire you to live your best life. Sieve out the accounts that don’t give you the motivation you need to shine.


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You need to stay away from anything that will tempt you to compare yourself with someone else

It affects the best of us. We see a beautiful picture of a friend or come across a status update saying that they hit their income goal and immediately we start comparing ourselves with them.

Sometimes you try to trick yourself into thinking that you’re assessing yourself so that you’ll know what your problems are and know which areas need your attention. But on the contrary, what this does is to crash your self-esteem and make you doubt your capability to achieve your goals.


You have to fill your online space with posts that inspire you to be better and achieve your goals

There’s nothing as demotivating as being constantly reminded that you’ve not reached your goals. Working on your goals is already difficult as it is. Help yourself succeed by surrounding yourself with positivity that will motivate you to keep hitting your goals.


Your purpose on earth is not predicated on you destroying yourself but on building yourself up

Life is already challenging enough on its own. So finding ways to self-sabotage shouldn’t even make it to your to-do list.

Of course, nobody plans to feel bad or have self-sabotaging thoughts about themselves while scrolling through their news feed. But since you do have control over what you allow yourself to see, then why not make use of it?

Consuming content that builds you up and helps you to be the best version of yourself is something that you develop over time. As you gradually and consciously decide to only follow what builds you up, then you’ll feel better about yourself.


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But then here is the truth…

It’s hard to unfollow. Some of those people whose posts make you feel bad about yourself are friends, colleagues, people you went to school with or even people you admire. The thought of unfollowing them makes you feel guilty. Or worse, it makes you feel like you’re a bad person.

But if you take a step back and look at it objectively, you know that your mental health means so much more than a bunch of accounts you follow on social media. Do whatever is necessary to attain that level of peace of mind. Remember, self-love is not selfish.


What are your thoughts on this? Do you follow anyone that makes you feel bad about yourself?

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  1. I have not had to unfollow for the reasons you say, however I have had a couple of situations on F.B where I have unfollowed (not unfriended) a few people who post stuff that is racist, re the Brexit situation. It would cause hassle to unfriend so I have taken them off seeing there notifications. I have had to block a few people over the years for various reasons. I try not to have people on my social media who will affect me. There are certain situations in life when you have to remain civil with people you would rather not, when you related to them which is the situation I have found myself in

  2. I agree with you! Sometimes we nees to unfollow some people who doesn’t inspire us ! It’s so important to choose who we follow and why!

  3. Hmm.. You can also take it another way of making them your inspiration to be a stronger person maybe? Just a thought

  4. I have unfollowed people who are like what you described. I don’t want negativity on my feed and I don’t regret my action of getting rid of them.

  5. oh you can say that again! We should not let negativity to enter our lives. Focus on positive vibes only

  6. I totality agree with this. Don’t let negativity affect us. Spare our life from toxic people in Social Media. Always go with positive mindset people.

  7. I totally agree I do unfollow negavite an unsupported people it’s okay to have a few friends only who always support you no matter what than many followers that makes you feel bad wonderful post!

  8. I absolutely agree on the topic! At this social media age, it can be so bad to feel stressed out especially when scrolling through Instagram. So better unfollow and keep on being positive!

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