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I am a recovering worrier! Back in the day, I would worry over everything. These days, I am trying my best to stop worrying, to let go and let God. Letting go is good for the soul. It is a lot easier to worry about every tiny little detail but it does nothing for your mental health. Which is why I now make a conscious effort not to worry about anything. Sometimes, it is easier to let go and not worry, and other times it can be a lot harder. But the more I make an effort to not worry about all the issues on this planet, the easier it becomes.


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Letting go is good for the soul

Since I started focusing more on my spiritual life and mindfulness. I have realised that a lot of the things we are so worried about will not happen. However, the danger of worrying about issues bring our focus and attention to these issues, which can lead to us manifesting exactly what we are afraid of. Letting go does not mean we should be reckless or ignore what we are supposed to do. It just means we focus our attention on what we have power over and take our attention away from outcomes and the rest.


The benefits of letting go

Here are some of the amazing benefits of letting go –


You will sleep better

Letting go will help you sleep better at night. Being a worrier means you will likely be up for most of the night worrying about all sorts. Letting go helps you sleep peacefully and soundly, which is great for your overall health.


Goodbye to anxiety and depression

This is one of the most important benefits of letting go is that you can wave goodbye to anxiety, depression and other mental health issues. Dwellling on your problems will only make you feel anxious and depressed. However, if you focus on positivity and things within your power, you will find you no longer feel as anxious or depressed. Focusing on what you have power over and positive outcomes means you feel good which is amazing for your wellbeing.



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It leads to positive outcomes

Apart from the fact that letting go helps you sleep better and can get rid of some mental health problems, it can also lead to positive outcomes. The law of attraction means you manifest what you focus on. So if you are a worrier and you focus on all your cares and worries, it is likely you bring them into your reality just by focusing on them. Letting it all go and focusing on positive results and positivity in general means you attract just those into your reality.


I know how easy it is to worry. Just look at the Brexit mess for example. That is enough to keep many people up at night for various reasons. But being up all night won’t make the deal come quicker for example but it will mess up your body clock which will only make up more miserable. That’s the way I see it.


Letting go is good for the soul. How do you let go? Any ideas you want to share with the other readers?

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  1. Yes! Use the 12 step program as a process for any problem. The 12 step program of A.A is not just for the symptom. It’s for anything. So below is an example of how to work 12 steps for any problem, the written way

    Step 1: I am powerless (not helpless) over “worrying” and my life is unmanageable(write a brief outline of the problem) When o surrender the problem and put it to paper I am NOT giving up. I am becoming willing to look at things differently.

    Step 2: Came to believe a power greater than me could restore me to sanity (write a brief outline of doing things differently)

    Step 3: Made a decision to turn my life over to the care of God as I understand (write a brief on how letting go and letting God will make a difference)

    Step 4: write a brief about the problem in the situation,/ resentment/fear, the thoughts, feelings and then understanding/realisation looking at it from all directions.

    For example if its about what someone has done , you look at what might be going on for them. You can do this “without condoning them I know rget have these issues which means they act like ………”

    Step 5: Read it out loud to God/Universe or whsyevsd you do dont believe in (In a 12 step program we do this with a mentor)

    Step 6 and 7/ Oh hell I have to change me to meet conditions. I need to look at my part as I always have a part. My part is how I react to the situation and how I change me.

    Step 8 and 9/ Make amends, if needed, though alot of times they are also to ourselves

    Step 10, 11 and 12/ Are what we call our spiritual growth and maintenance.

    S 10 check ourselves out daily on how the day has been.

    Step 11; pray/affirmation and mindfulness/meditation.

    Step 12: service and helping others which takes me out of me

    Hope that helps Stella. It’s a necessary tool that can be worked for anything. An instruction book for life I call it and I love it.

    Other words and ways of looking at God, as most struggle with that word

    Higher Power

    Synonyms for God

    God – Good Orderly Direction
    God – Gift of Desperation
    God – Group of Drunks (as A.A)

    The only thing any of us need to know about God is we are not God as people always try and play God

    Remember it’s our thinking that needs to change cos if it doesnt we will stay with the thinking that got us into the problem in the first place. Oh anyone reading who is like God no way. Your thinking needs to change on that you as mine did. Its personal and God I have learnt is a VERB NOT a Noun 😊

    Apologies it’s so long Stella. You know me with info. I would always rather give too much than too little

    • It is not too long at all. These information is so helpful, thank you! I love how you have broken it all down into simple steps.

  2. Very interesting and motivating topic. You really did justice to this topic. I totally agree with you that worrying about issues will not solve them rather ones health will pay dearly for it. Best to surrender everything to the author and finished of our Faith and have peace. Thanks for the topic. I feel you my dear.

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