Will UK Fashion Survive Brexit?



The whole world held their breath as they waited for the results of the June 23, 2016 referendum. The outcome was a narrow win in favour of Britain leaving the EU with 52% against 48% of the total votes. This result brought a lot of concern to Britain, and the fashion industry was not left out of it.

The UK fashion industry has been a prime mover in the economy contributing £26billion in 2014 and £28billion in 2015. This industry was also responsible for employing nearly 900,000 workers for jobs spanning from manufacturing to retail.

Although the survey conducted by the British Fashion Council (BFC) states that 90% of the fashion designers planned to vote to remain in EU, the industry will now have to face what’s coming with Brexit.

But does UK fashion have the chance to survive Brexit? I believe there’s a good chance. Here are some of the reasons why I believe the UK fashion will survive Brexit –

  1. The devaluation of the Pound could lead to an increase in sales from foreign buyers

Since the final results of Brexit, the value of the pound took a nose dive. Although this caused a serious panic in the fashion industry, fashion designers saw an increase in the volume of their sales. The reason for this was that the drop in the value of the Pound made the fashion items in Britain appear cheaper to the buyers paying in Euro, Dollars, and other currencies. Thus, tourists in Britain found fashion items more affordable and this encouraged more of them to buy from the British market.




  1. Encouragement of growth in the fashion industry

As more foreign clients from different countries like France, Italy and Hong Kong among others, are buying more fashion items from Britain, there are signs of an increase in the growth of the fashion industry.  Some fashion designers are experiencing an increase in their businesses.

The price difference will definitely be a huge bonus for the British designers, since their price is comparatively more attractive than the prices in other European countries.

However, London will always be known as a fashion capital with talented designers. So even if there were an increase in the price of fashion items in Britain, this will not stop the fashion conscious from owning the latest trendy pieces.

  1. There’ll be a huge boom in online retail with a large foreign client base

With Brexit the common trend seems to be a shift to an increase in foreign patronage, so e-commerce stores that have a majority of clients from countries other than the UK will have a mega boost. Of course, price is the main determining factor in this case.

So will UK fashion survive Brexit? I’m pretty optimistic that the future of UK fashion is bright. And I predict a massive boom in the fashion industry.

What are your thoughts? Do you agree with the future of UK fashion being bright? Pls share your thoughts in the comment section below. I love reading your comments.

Thanks for reading and commenting as always.




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  1. Fantastic post – I love that you have bought politics and what you love in to a post. Such an interesting thing to think about too. Brexit really will impact quite a lot so it’s great it’s being bought in to the public eye x

  2. It will impact it. Whilst the £1 has meant exports have gone up, it also means imports will go up in price sorl there will be no winners. Everything we import will rise in price too.

    The world is changing. There are sections that will vote for change and take the risk cos people are peeved off, and angry at the elite and establishment.

    No one thought Brexit would win. No one thought Trump would win. Likely France election next year will bring in the far right as The French P.M is deeply unpopular.

    The western world is having its own “Spring uprising” The East have had there’s so the West are doing the same.

    There is going to be a lot of instability in the world over the next decade or so.

    History tells us so. The backlash from the years of elite and establishment is starting to play out again as it does everyone 50-100 years. The last time an uprising if anger happened by the people was in the 1930. We all know what that led too.

    Yes other countries do affect us. This is not my musings. These are the very brief summary of intelligent articles I have read in the last week.

    It’s a scary world we are in

  3. It’s amazing how politics plays an important and influential role across all sectors in Britain. It’s certainly interesting reading! Let’s hope we Continue to see positive growth in the fashion industry!

  4. At the moment I am on the border of whether it will survive or not. Might do for the reasons you’ve shared but devaluation of the pound might lead to losses in the industry as well

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