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I was quite vocal on social media (Twitter) about Brexit. I shared my thoughts with anyone who cared to read and it led to many people unfollowing me because I was not on the popular side of the fence. But I didn’t care. I had strong views that needed to be shared regardless of how unpopular it was. I am usually not interested in politics but I was very interested in Brexit because I knew the future of our children – the next generation, depends on how it swings.

I voted to leave in EU, and I am happy I did. I remember monitoring the results all through the night, only to fall asleep to dream about vote results, lol. It was a crazy period but I am glad it is all settling down now. I won’t go into why I decided to cast my vote to leave EU because I really do not feel like going into it or arguing with anyone on why I choose to believe what I believe. I don’t need to explain the reasons behind my votes and you shouldn’t either. I believe we all have the right to think for ourselves and follow our gut instincts. When it came to Brexit, it didn’t make sense in my head for the UK to leave the EU, with all the crazy/scary predictions around, but it made sense in my gut, and when it comes to my head or gut, I will always go with my gut instinct – it has never failed me.

The Cash Lady Infographic below features some of the worst Brexit predictions about possible financial outcomes of UK leaving the EU. I don’t see any of these happening by the way –




Some of these predictions are so funny but then again I am not surprised they are. I read even more shocking predictions before the results were announced. I hope these predictions don’t come through (I know they won’t), and I hope to see a stronger UK in a year’s time. I am keeping my eyes and ears on the Brexit news so I know what is going on. I can’t believe how adult I have become with my sudden interest in politics.

What do you think of these Brexit predictions? Please share your thoughts in the comment section below. Feel free to share this post on your social media channels as well.

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  1. Honestly I was a remainer. I had very good reasons for being remain. All my family and offspring in laws were too.

    Neither side of the campaigners came out of this looking good. It should not have been turned into what it was. Like a circus.

    It should have been about was right for our country. Not political lies on both sides.

    The person I am most peeved off with in this is Cameron. His arrogance of having no plan as he didn’t expect it to happen is unbelievable. He created this and has now done a runner. Coward and leaves legacy of dislike behind him yet still a very rich man.

    Plus all the main players are gone too. Farage, Gove and well Boris is still about but his impute will be limited by a brilliant move by Teresa May. None of them around to help clear this up.

    Now Teresa maybe one you could do a blog on and those heels

    I as a remainer still use my voice and I am in a positive way cos if this is going to happen (alot of things that could stop it inc Europe itself, Scotland and the legality of no vote on article 50 which is being taken to court) then the remainers voices in this for the best deal needs to be heard as we all fight for the best deal. I am not saying Brexiters won’t. Just think Bremainers voice will be louder. Well some of us will.

    We aren’t on the same page with this (BTW just for info also where we live is one of the few areas north to vote remain) however that’s not a reason to stop chatting and following you.

    Yes there’s been bitterness and divide which should be directed to the right people at the top however the country must pull together now

  2. If that tax credit thing isnt scare mongering then I don’t know what is! They were being capped/reduced before any brexit result anyway so to attribute it to leaving the eu is disgusting.
    I also voted leave.

  3. So far FSTE 100 and FTSE 250 are up, the £ is starting to get back up after the fall and the economy was not hit, despite predictions. I’m glad you shared your views, especially when it’s such a controversial subject.

  4. We should never be afraid to speak our minds. We live in a democracy that believes in free speech – and that’s how it should be. Tx

  5. I think it was the completely wrong decision to leave the EU. We haven’t actually left yet so we can’t say we know what the state of play is. It’s a generalisation, but I think a lot of the leave camp were driven by racism and immigration fears. We now suspect that leaving the EU may not make any impact on immigration. Hate crime against immigrants and minorities has risen dramatically since the vote.That is a fact. Disabled people were already suffering under the current government and without EU intervention, which established disabled rights, I fear that even more will be discriminated against and continue to die from the benefit sanctions that have been directly involved in thousands of deaths of vulnerable people. And although not reliant on being in the EU, there have been talks of us leaving the ECHR, which is the biggest gift given to us by the EU. We need to be able to exercise those human rights and not be left at the mercy of a singular judicial system that now has to rewrite thousands of laws.

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