The Vegetarian Lifestyle

I recently wrote a blog post about how my diet and body has changed massively in the last few months. Some weeks ago, I wasn’t sure where my new diet would fit in but now I know where I fall in nicely. I am a vegetarian. This new way of life wasn’t planned. It was something I ever even considered until earlier this year. Although I was never really a meat-eater. I did like the occasional chicken, beef burger, and the rest. My body and my food cravings started changing this year and I just found myself going off many things, including meat. It all happened naturally and I am very happy and comfortable with my new way of living. The Vegetarian Lifestyle Picture

The Vegetarian Lifestyle

Being a vegetarian simply means I don’t eat meat or fish. I take the occasional eggs and dairy products. Sugar is completely off my diet. So no soft drinks at all, and no sugar in my cappuccino or anything else. So far so good, this vegetarian lifestyle is working perfectly for me. I feel and look great. I can’t imagine not being a vegetarian now. It has taken me this long to find the diet that works for my system but I am glad I found it.

A diet like many things is a personal thing. I won’t advise anyone to get off meat and fish and eat the vegetarian way. It is something you have to decide for yourself. I know being vegetarian/vegan is quite popular now, which is one of the reasons why many more people are going along with it. The thing is if you do it for the wrong reasons, you will find yourself regressing very quickly.

You can read more about eating a healthy vegetarian diet on the NHS website. Loads of information on there to help you if you are contemplating eating the vegetarian way.

Thanks for reading, commenting and sharing. Have a lovely day.


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  1. Not for me! Well done you though. I have cut alot of meat out over the years and eat far less. This year focus for me is about healthy eating and changing my attitude to food as I have always been a bit of a grazer when it comes to food. Its going OK

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  5. The vegetarian lifestyle is honestly not for me. No matter how it trends, I won’t follow it. But it’s great to see you genuinely happy about getting into it and also enjoying it not because of others, but for yourself

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