How Much Is Too Much?

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There has been so much noise lately on how much is too much to spend on fashion. Some days ago, a top Nigerian gossip Blogger – Linda Ikeji, was slamed for showing off her expensive bag collection on Instagram, and there was this big argument on whether her handbags were fake or original. Which makes me wonder where we draw the line on how much to spend on looking fashionable. If my bank account was loaded with millions of pounds, would I spend so much money on a Birkin? Would it even cross my mind? I really don’t know because the reverse is the case, lol.

The lifestyle of the rich and famous is all about the flashy life alongside the heavy price tags. A parking space in central london could fetch £335,225 (this amount can buy a house in Cheshire), a Bugatti Veyron sports car could go for £1.8 million, so a Hermes handbag going for as much as £15,000 or more, would look like a reasonable purchase to the rich and famous.

The likes of Hermes can justify their crazy prices, all their bags are hand-woven and it takes 5 to 7 years to train the craftspeople making the leather handbags, and the prices reflect that investment. These huge prices from luxury designers also ensure the exclusivity of their products. The designers want to be sure ONLY certain people have access to their products, hence the heavy price tag. Imagine if we could grab a Hermes bag for £500, as expensive as that sounds to majority of us, many would still rob, steal or borrow to afford it, unlike the £15,ooo and above price tag which is above our reach.



Personally, I love handbags, they are one of my fashion weaknesses, but I see prices like Hermes as over the top. I am happy to spend below £500 on a handbag (less on shoes), so anything over £500 for a handbag is my too much. I like my Michael Kors, Karl Lagerfeld, Calvin Klein, Coach and the likes, but anything above that limit is a no-no for me. I won’t be able to afford it, and even if I could, I won’t be able to justify spending over £500 on a handbag to carry my junk.

Most of my bags are well below £500. I am also not into vintage, second-hand or counterfeit handbags, I only rock new and original bags, and everything I rock has to be new and original. I don’t do fakes, and it annoys me when I see people carrying fake bags and wearing fake shoes, and try to pass them off as original, and I see this a lot.

So there you have it, that is my ‘too much’ Is there a ceiling on how much you can spend on luxury purchases? Drop me a comment, lets chat.

Fashion Diva Princess (Mid-week)

Our fashion diva – mid-week is the glamourous Princess Osifo from Sydney.


She is wearing an orange dress by BCBG, peep toe shoes by Jessica Simpson. She accessorised her look with a bracelet by Bebe – Beautiful.


Princess is wearing a black dress by Blossom, black bag by Miu Miu and shoes by Crown Bintage. She accessorised her look with sunglasses by Balenciaga – Lovely.


Here, our fashion diva is wearing a dress by Herve Leger and sunglasses by Jimmy Choo – Nice.


Princess is wearing yellow top by Junk, leopard print tights by Junk, shoes by Crown Bintage and hand bag by Louis Vuitton. She accessorised her look with sunglasses by Jimmy Choo – Stylish.


Here, Princess is wearing a blue and black jumper by Asos and shoes by Jessica Simpson – Cute.


For her final look, Princess is dressed in a white kaftan attire, shoes by Collin Sturt and a Birkin bag by Hermes. Her look is accessorised with a watch by Michael Kors and sunglasses by Gucci – I want that Birkin.

I so want to raid her wardrobe. She is a true Fashion Diva..

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