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There has been so much noise lately on how much is too much to spend on fashion. Some days ago, a top Nigerian gossip Blogger – Linda Ikeji, was slamed for showing off her expensive bag collection on Instagram, and there was this big argument on whether her handbags were fake or original. Which makes me wonder where we draw the line on how much to spend on looking fashionable. If my bank account was loaded with millions of pounds, would I spend so much money on a Birkin? Would it even cross my mind? I really don’t know because the reverse is the case, lol.

The lifestyle of the rich and famous is all about the flashy life alongside the heavy price tags. A parking space in central london could fetch £335,225 (this amount can buy a house in Cheshire), a Bugatti Veyron sports car could go for £1.8 million, so a Hermes handbag going for as much as £15,000 or more, would look like a reasonable purchase to the rich and famous.

The likes of Hermes can justify their crazy prices, all their bags are hand-woven and it takes 5 to 7 years to train the craftspeople making the leather handbags, and the prices reflect that investment. These huge prices from luxury designers also ensure the exclusivity of their products. The designers want to be sure ONLY certain people have access to their products, hence the heavy price tag. Imagine if we could grab a Hermes bag for £500, as expensive as that sounds to majority of us, many would still rob, steal or borrow to afford it, unlike the £15,ooo and above price tag which is above our reach.



Personally, I love handbags, they are one of my fashion weaknesses, but I see prices like Hermes as over the top. I am happy to spend below £500 on a handbag (less on shoes), so anything over £500 for a handbag is my too much. I like my Michael Kors, Karl Lagerfeld, Calvin Klein, Coach and the likes, but anything above that limit is a no-no for me. I won’t be able to afford it, and even if I could, I won’t be able to justify spending over £500 on a handbag to carry my junk.

Most of my bags are well below £500. I am also not into vintage, second-hand or counterfeit handbags, I only rock new and original bags, and everything I rock has to be new and original. I don’t do fakes, and it annoys me when I see people carrying fake bags and wearing fake shoes, and try to pass them off as original, and I see this a lot.

So there you have it, that is my ‘too much’ Is there a ceiling on how much you can spend on luxury purchases? Drop me a comment, lets chat.

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  1. I would love to be able to go out and buy whatever I want without looking at prices. However I am not in that position. But I would not judge or comment negatively on people who can. Why put someone down because they can afford what you can’t?

  2. I wish I had the finances not to worry how much things are but sadly most things are out of my price range and I buy what I need rather than what I want – how it must be to live on another side of that coin. I can dream of winning the lottery one day I do have friends who brag with the expensive items – it makes them look shallow when they have to give the amount something costs when you compliment it

  3. I love the line “I won’t be able to justify spending over £500 on a handbag to carry my junk”. I think that’s what we all forget is that really it’s just an accessory to hold all of your stuff you like to carry around with you. Bags are beautiful but unless you’re loaded and can justify it it’s a tough one. Although if they did as you say start selling Brikins for £500 then and only then would I be that tempted!! Great post xx

  4. I mean, if you work hard for your money and you pay your way, then there really shouldn’t be an issue with anyone splashing out so much on luxuries.
    We only have one life on this planet and if someone likes to have fancy things then it’s just the way that they are.
    Although sometimes I’m like ‘Woah you spent how much on a bag’ or ‘woah you spend how much on some shoes? 😀

  5. To be honest I wouldn’t turn down a designer item but as for buying it myself I can’t justify paying out that much money. Especially the amount of crap I keep in handbags it would get ruined lol!

  6. I like to buy durable things at a bargain. I won’t a $500 bag but I’ll monitor it closely. If it gets around $150 or below, I usually jump on it. Now, I think it’s a waste of money to buy things at really ridiculous amounts of money or prices like thousand of $ or euros. I rather see that money go to charity and the likes. I’m happy to see many stars are becoming minimalists and adopting the capsule wardrobe movement.

  7. I agree. I can’t bare fakes. I don’t mind things which take inspiration from the designer but to just be an out and out copy pretending to be something their not is grim.
    I have Mulberry Alexa, well over your £500 bag limit and certainly more than I would ever have spent or will ever likely to spend. But its beautiful. And an investment. I’ve had it for about 4 years now and I still love it.

  8. I don’t spend much of my money on salary, I love to travel and stay in lovely hotels, so that’s where my spending goes. I own quite a few Michael Kors bags and I was given a Birkin many years ago by my then investment banker boyfriend. I agree with you on fakes, it’s just so obvious and I always laugh at people who do so.

  9. My limit is always dependent on my earnings. When I was working I really had no limit (although the Hermes was always out of range). But it would depend what I wanted more- a new bag, a pair of amazing shoes or a holiday? I was never able to just splurge on everything without the guilt! Now my limit is much much lower, but I don’t regret anything or begrudge others that have beautiful items.

  10. The joy of 24/7 access to the virtual world and everything happening also has it’s downside! Too many people to quick to judge and alot out of jealousy. If a person has earned their money they should spend it a they wish.

    The prices are ludicrous however not being in that world I would see it that way. If I was in that world I would probably buy it. Alot of famous people do alot for others charity etc. too. Even if they didn’t it is no one else business if they have earned it legally.

    Like you I don’t do fakes! I would rather not have it than have fake or rubbish. I save for something I want and if it costs more then so be it. I have few pieces that cost over £500 for one item. That’s cos I can’t afford it and can’t justify it.

    I love sale. People often ask me how I dress and afford what I do etc. That’s cos I shop around, I love the sales. You take some time you can find some great bargains out there

  11. I think its all relative and depends what you place value on as to what you’ll spend your money on. I love luxury holidays and high end accessories but I never really spend money on alcohol etc. xxx

  12. Personally, I would buy what I can afford provided I don’t borrow to buy them or be in debt to buy them.
    In all honesty, I consider somethings investments that will include good shoes and good bags.

    Linda should have ignored all the noise. She knows what she is worth. She should have walked away.

    Thanks for your the write up, great. Our Opinions differ this time ☺☺

    Still love you though 💜

    • I am not against those who can afford to buy expensive stuffs. Its just that at this present moment I won’t spend more than £500 on one item. That limit may change tomorrow. Still love you too, lol..Have a great weekend x

  13. It only depends why you are buying the handbag/watch/shoes. If it’s something comfortable and long lasting, that it’s easily found at £50. When the accessories have other purposes (to fit in, to feel luxurious, as a treat, for show off), then the sky is the limit. 🙂

  14. I think it’s everyone’s personal preference when it comes to how much they’d spend. My most expensive bag is about £250 and they’re a few Fossil ones I have. I think you can get quality for a few hundred pounds and anything over that is crazy, but that’s my opinion. If I had so much money I didn’t know what to spend it on then maybe i’d spend thousands on a bag x

  15. I’ve honestly never thought of it in relative terms like that (as in, L15,000 may look cheap to a “rich and famous” person who spends millions on other things), but that is a unique way to look at it and you make a good point! I used to always think “I would never buy something that costs that much even if I can afford it”, but as I’ve grown up I recognize the investment for certain items and now think that as long as I was living within my means, I would spend a few thousand on a “fashion” item. Currently my limit is about $500…my most expensive bag is $380 and I don’t like to use it too much and I worry about getting marks on it!

    Now if I was making money from my blog and was funding my shopping solely through blogging, that would be a different story…I would truly see it as an investment in my business and would be a lot more willing to shoot for the designer (expensive) items.

    Thank you for this thoughtful post!

  16. I can happily wander around Harrods looking at the bags and debating whether or not the price is ridiculous or is it a worthy investment. I have one bag which cost over £500 and it sits in a dustbag, im to scared to use it incase it gets a mark on it x

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