What Marie Kondo Taught Me

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I finally decided to binge watch Tidying Up with Marie Kondo on Netflix the other day and I am glad I did. At first, I didn’t want to watch the Netflix original series because I thought it wasn’t for me. But I am always interested in home decor and renovation series, so I decided to give it a go. I picked a lot of tips from Marie Kondo’s series. I think she is a very smart interior decorator. She definitely knows what she is talking about and some of her tips have been tried and tested by me.


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Clutter has no space in our hone. It is something I have always been on top of because I don’t do well with clutter or mess. Which is why our house is always neat and organised. I found some of the couples very interesting. The amount of items they had and their lifestyle was interesting to watch because I couldn’t relate or understand many of them. But I took some organising tips away from the series and I have implemented them into my life and they work great. Here they are –


Make use of boxes

I never knew how useful boxes could be in a drawer/wardrobe. Boxes change the whole look of a space and helps in maximising the space as much as possible. I am looking forward to getting some boxes for the bathroom storage when we get an additional one. We need some extra storage in our bathroom, thanks to the many hair and skincare products I have. If I had my way I would get rid of the entire bathroom and change the decor. The carpets we have in there would be out of the window if I had my way. I would replace them with karndean vinyl flooring for an authentic and. durable wood look.


Keep bags inside each other

I have tested this tip and it works! I now put my bags inside each other, 1 in each bag, with the handles out so I can view (and remember ) them easily. It helps maximise space, and the technique keeps your bags organised. You should try it.


Thank things you no longer need

Many of us take what we have for granted, forgetting that many people go without everyday. Which is why I love the whole idea of thanking things that no longer serve us, and I will be doing more of that going forward. I also like the fact that she greets the house before she starts the decluttering process with the family. That makes a whole lot of sense to me for a weird reason.


I have seen all the 8 episodes of Tidying Up with Marie Kondo and I am looking forward to the second season. I hope Netflix brings that  this second season back soon. The fact that Marie Kondo spoke Japanese all through was also a good idea. I wasn’t expecting that but it felt more real with her having a translator there.

Have you seen this Marie Kondo series? What are your thoughts?




5 Benefits To Working Out To The Seal Grinder Workout Plan

A grinder can be best termed as the normal concrete surface. There is a grinder in the navy which is a concrete asphalt surface where the navy guys work out daily and shape their minds and bodies.

Not everyone has a full-fledged gym where they can work out. The seal grinder concept was developed from how the navy guys worked out on the grinder. There’s no specialized gym equipment, just an open space where you can do your pushups and other simple workouts.


Workout Plan Image


From it comes the seal grinder workout plan which everyone needs to have and follow to keep fit. Here are 5 benefits to working out to the seal grinder workout plan:


  1.    It Helps To Control Your Weight

The seal grinder workout plan will be quite helpful in helping you limit how much weight you gain. As you work out, your body burns calories and the more intense your workout is the more the calories that you burn.

The advantage of the seal grinder workout plan is that you don’t need to be in a gym. You can do it anywhere at any time of day in any open space.


  1.    It Helps In Improving Your Mood

When you feel strained emotionally or are have had a stress-filled day, the seal grinder workout plan will be great to use to rub off all the stress and help your emotions to stabilize. As you work out, you’ll be able to stimulate your brain chemicals and this will, in turn, result in you feeling more relaxed, a lot happier, and less nervous.

As you exercise your muscles, oxygen and nutrients will continually flow through your body tissues and this will boost the performance of your cardiovascular system. Your heart and lungs will function more effectively resulting in more muscle strength, increased energy, and endurance.


  1.    It Will Help In Improving Your Health Condition

Are you scared that one day you may be diagnosed with high blood pressure, heart disease or any other deadly illness? These are serious chronic illnesses which could cost you your life. You need to take the necessary measures to safeguard yourself from them.

The seal grinder workout plan will be of great help. As you work out, you’ll be able to boost your high-density lipoprotein and get rid of unhealthy triglycerides. This will, in turn, facilitate smooth blood flow in your body which will, in the long run, minimize the risk of you suffering from cardiovascular diseases.



pre pregnancy body image



  1.    It Will Improve Your Sleep

Has your sleep pattern been out-of-order? Have you been struggling to get better sleep at night? Do you wake up feeling tired and restless? Lack of proper sleep in the night will affect your productivity during the day.

With the seal grinder workout plan, you can fix your sleeping disorder. You’ll be able to have more restful deep sleep and increase your sleep amount. You’ll be able to channel off stress from your body which is a major cause of sleeping problems.


  1.    It Will Improve Your Memory And Brain Health

The seal grinder workout plan will be super beneficial in improving your brain function and boosting your memory. The exercise will promote oxygen and blood flow to your brain and stimulate the production of brain cell growth hormones thereby improving your brain’s performance.




The seal grinder workout plan is a goldmine for you. Need it? Get it at SealGrinderPT.


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The Importance of Having a Car Warranty

I recently bought a new car – Honda Civic from a UK Car Retailer and the experience I had was quite eventful. We found this great looking car online and reserved it to take a further look in real life. I know all about how amazing items look online only to find they look nothing like that when you see them in real life. So a couple of days later, we went over to Manchester to check out the car. It looked as good as it looked online. We took it out for test drive and it drove quite well. There were a few concerns which we pointed out to the Sales Rep, and he was quick to sort them all out.


So we bought the car

We shook hands on the deal and picked up the car a couple of days later, only to realise the Air Conditioner was not working. It was a hot summer day, so it was a very uncomfortable ride home. We immediately called the car retailer to advise them of the issue and then the drama started. The Sales Rep or rather the Store Manager didn’t want us to bring the car back in. He instead suggested we take it to another store closer to us, which we reluctantly agreed to. I wasn’t happy about this arrangement because it meant I won’t have be able to drive the car for some weeks as there was no availability in our local store anytime soon.


The Importance of having a car warranty image




The drama started on the first day

The day finally came for us to take the car to our local car retailer store. We dropped it off only to get a call the next day informing us that the Manchester store where we bought the Honda Civic have refused to fund the Air Conditioner. I was so upset. This was after we waited weeks with no Air Conditioner, the same Manchester store advised us on what to do and they have now changed their minds for reasons best known to them. Thankfully I had a warranty for 90 days and the Air Conditioner is covered on the warranty, so it only a call and email to their head office complaint team to get the car repaired and ready for collection within days.


The important of having a car warranty

The moral of the story is to always make sure to have a warranty at least for some weeks when you buy a car. You never know when the car warranty would come in handy. If I didn’t have mine, I would have had to cough out a few hundreds to get the repairs done, even though it was damaged prior to ours buying it. Look out for car retailers that offer warranties before you commit to a car. M has an Audi, and it has had a few mechanical and electrical faults since he got it. But thankfully, he bought with an Audi Warranty, so he’s covered.


Road Trip Image



Test drive it properly

Also, when you do for a test drive, ensure you really test the car. We focused on other parts of the car, but didn’t pay attention to the air conditioner. It was a chilly day so we didn’t notice it was not cooling. My advice is to check all the features and ensure they are working as they should.


Does your car have a warranty?


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