Mother’s Day Gift Guide

Mother’s Day is on Sunday, March 26, and  I know many of us struggle with gift ideas for mothers on Mother’s Day. Sometimes we are also left feeling overwhelmed and even more confused with the many gift options available, so I am going to keep this short and sweet.

Henry London Shoreditch Mesh Strap Watch with Trio Dial

I am a sucker for anything Rose Gold. I think it is a very pretty shade, and I am naturally drawn to it. I guess that explains my forever growing collection of Rose Gold items.

This elegant Shoreditch watch from Henry London, available on the AMARA Website, is a great gift idea for Mother’s Day. It features a Milanese mesh strap and luxurious rose gold casing merging effortlessly into a domed lens. The dial boasts soft rose-pink tones with a trio of sub-dials to depict the time in 24 hours and time the seconds.

You can also add a personalised message at the back of the watch.

This beautiful watch currently retails for £165.


Elie Beaumont Personalised Stone Leather Watch

Still on watches, I love the attention to detail with this Elie Beaumont Personalised Stone Leather Watch. The luxury packaging is superb as you can see, and the watch itself is a classic modern beauty.

The stunning watch available on the PrezzyBox website, features a thick stone coloured leather strap made from genuine quality leather with a large 38mm cream dial, and rose gold detailing, to give it that beautiful finish I love so much.

You can also include a personalised message at the back of this modern vintage watch by Elie Beaumont.

It currently retails at £54.95.


Perkins and Morley Wild Wood Cushions

Here is another fab gift idea for Mother’s Day; Perkins and Morley Wild Wood Cushions are great for Mothers who have a quirky sense of humour, and love their wildlife. It is also great for Mums that love updating their home decor.

I adore the beautiful and colourful designs!

This is the Wild Wood Rabbit Cushion

This is the Wild Wood Squirrel Cushion

They would make a great present this Mother’s Day. They are available from £29.99.

What do you think of these items? Are you sorted for Mother’s Day?

*PR Samples.

Product Review – Prezzybox Lifemax Heated Back & Seat Massager

Back & Seat Heated Massager Image


Since having my twins, I have suffered on and off with an annoying back pain. Funny enough I didn’t experience any back pain all thorough my pregnancy. But once I popped them out, the back pain popped on and off. I guess pregnancy does strange things to our bodies. Things we may never know or fully comprehend.

I got the opportunity to review this Lifemax Heated Back & Seat Massager from PrezzyBox and I was so thrilled. I have always wanted a home massager but never got around to buying 1. So this machine came just in time and it has been a life saver. I have used it quite regularly and it has been an amazing experience.


Life Max Back & Seat Massager Image


Here is the product description:

This heated seat cover will quickly soothe away any aches and pains.

It has five massage motors, pulse, tapping, rolling, auto and kneading which are designed to relieve weary muscles. These five massage motors are expertly positioned at key points on the chair and the soothing heat targets the lumbar area.

You can customise your massage to suit you by choosing to turn on or off the various parts of the massager meaning you can tailor your relaxation to exactly what you need.

The Heated Back & Seat Massager also features a unique strapping system making it convenient and portable and perfect for use in the home or office. It also boasts a handy timer function of 15, 30 and 60 minutes.


  • 5 Massage motors

  • Customise your massage

  • Unique strapping system

  • Comes with a car adapter that fits into the cigarette lighter socket in the car and also a mains adapter for use at home.


Prezzybox LifeMax Massager Image


I have used this Lifemax Heated Back and Seat Massager for weeks now. Here are my thoughts so far:


  1. It is very compact, easy to fold away in storage if needed.
  2. I find it light enough to carry around easily.
  3. It can be used at home, in the office, and in the car thanks to car adapter.
  4. Personalising the massage session is very easy with the 5 massage motors and the smart timer function.
  5. It massages brillantly. I love having the 30 minutes tapping massage. I feel relieved after each session
  6. It is quite affordable at £49.95 with Prezzybox. Original RRP is £59.99.


Lifemax Massage Chair Image



None. I love this Lifemax heated back and seat massager and I recommend it 100%. It is a great gift idea for Father’s Day and other occasions.

What are your thoughts? Do you suffer from back pain? Have you tried this product?


*PR Sample.

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