5 Storage Hacks You Need to Know

It’s a challenge to arrange your things in your apartment without making the rooms looking more cramped and visually unappealing. If you have small rooms, you’ll know that storage is a big problem.

When you’re pressed for space, you have to get creative with creating storage units in your home. And I don’t mean having drab or boring-looking shelves or boxes. I mean storage spaces that will make your home look appealing and save you a lot of space.


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I did some research and tried out some storage hacks and they worked great in my home. It certainly gave my home a new feel and I was able to get all the clutter out of the way. I now have more space and I get compliments on the additions I made to the rooms. So, here I am with some storage hacks you can try.

  1. Create window seats

There’s a lot of unused space in the window area. Take the opportunity to turn that free space to another storage area where you can keep your things. It’s a good option to put in a small cabinet but you can make that storage space serve dual purpose as a window seat.

A good way to go about this is to have sturdy shelves and put comfy foam or pillows that will serve as a great place to sit and enjoy the view outside.


  1. Put up floating shelves

Floating shelves can be a very smart addition to your room. They create room to keep some of your things. Since we’re not only interested in creating storage space, you can take advantage of the aesthetically pleasing floating shelves.

There so many floating shelves that come in different shapes and sizes. You can use candles, figurines and flowers to decorate the floating shelves.


  1. Make use of the high ceilings by installing shelves

Take advantage of the high ceilings in your home. That space creates ample room to install shelves you can use to increase your storage space. Although the shelves seem too high to reach, you can invest some money into buying a cute-looking ladder that will help you reach the shelves at the top.

You can get really creative with shelves by putting up decorative items and even little plants to add a dash of colour to the room.


  1. Optimize your headboard for storage

This is where you can get really creative. Remember the boring headboard? You can turn it into something more functional such that it adds some storage space. Furniture companies were able to device headboards that come with storage units attached.

However, if want to go all DIY, you can put shelves where your headboard should be. You can also fix in hooks to hang some of your things. Another great idea is to place a large corkboard where you can pin all your jewelry. It’s a nifty place to keep your earrings and necklaces in one place and it looks colourful too.


  1. Install storage units under your bed

When you look under your bed, there is plenty of space to store your things. You can add some drawers under your bed. Another alternative is getting baskets or large boxy containers you can keep things in.

Some people don’t have that much space under their bed because the bed is very close to the floor. To create more space, raise your bed a little higher to create room for storage space.


What do you think of these storage hacks?

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