The Style Icon: Cate Blanchett


Style is all about personality, and Cate Blanchett has a lot of it. I have admired this pretty woman’s style for as long as I can remember. She is the definition of a true Style Icon, and I love everything outfit I see on her. This woman rocks my style world.

Every piece and accessory I see her rocking,looks so stylish on her. Cate Blanchett possess a strong personal style that sets her apart from those that merely follow fashion trends, and what they think is in vogue. This beauty sets the style bar so high.




Cate Blanchett is daring enough to mix various labels, designs, and periods when putting together the perfect statement outfits, and I love that about her. I love the fact that she is not afraid of wearing colour, and colour does look good on her.

Another thing I love about Cate Blanchett, apart from her incredible sense of fashion and style, is her striking pose. This woman knows her angles, and she knows how to strike the perfect pose. I have never spotted her not camera ready ever!




I would love to look like Cate when I grow up. She is like the style goddess to me. I adore her style and everything she represents. I am always eager to see what she has on , on the Red Carpet, and she never fails to impress me. Her confident approach to her personal style is so fascinating.

Cate Blanchett has proved time and time again, that being over 40 (she is 46 years old), is no barrier to being stylish. I may find her acting and movies boring, but her sense of style gives me life.

All hail the Queen of Style.

What do you think of Cate Blanchett as a Style Icon? Sound off in the comment section.

Good night/Good Morning, whereever you are.


The Style Icon – Rose Byrne

The 35-year-old Australian star; Rose Byrne is the Style Icon of the week. Her personal style can be described as casual chic, she has a very relaxed signature style and it works for her.


Rose Byrne has a great fashion sense, her style keeps evolving but she gets it right every time. I love most of the pieces I see on her. She knows how to play around with accessories to complete her look and she owns it every time she steps out.


This woman eats and drinks fashion and beauty for lunch. She was the face of Max Factor from 2004 to 2006, and she is now the face of the accessory brand; Oroton. She is the Queen of Style. Check out pictures of her below, dressing to impress as usual:




I love her effortless style. Do you like? Sound off pls.

The Style Icon – Amal Clooney

The lovely Amal Clooney is the Style Icon of the week. I have kept up with this woman’s style since she got married to George Clooney and her style is so chic and sophisticated. She is the real Style Queen. I love the way she pairs her pieces, her accessories are the TRUTH. I will love to take a look into her wardrobe. Her stylist, if she has one, must be working round the clock to keep her looking so stylish. Have a look at some of her outfits below and be inspired.





What do you think of Amal Clooney’s style?

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