How to Dress for the Office in the Heatwave

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It’s important to dress appropriately when you are going to work. Appropriately would depend on where you work and what you do. Maintaining the professional look can be easy to pull off when the weather is cool. The problem is that when the temperature starts increasing, it gets trickier to find the right clothes that will be suitable for the weather and still look professional.
What, then, are the best outfits to wear during the heatwave? Here are some heat-friendly yet professional outfits you can wear to work, depending on your job:

Light coloured clothing
Work attire is usually known for its dark colours. Dark colours absorb more heat than light colours do. Wear more light coloured clothing like pastels and neutrals to reflect the sun’s rays and keep you cool yet professional.

Lightweight fabrics
Aside from the colour of your clothes, the type of fabric you use is also important when it comes to choosing the right work clothes during the heatwave. Lightweight fabrics like cotton, linen and chambray are ideal to wear when its hot. Such fabrics allow for easy passage of air thus keeping you cooler.

Sleeveless blouses or tops
Sleeveless blouses or tops that can be worn with a blazer are ideal for work when it’s hot and humid. A lovely sleeveless blouse paired with a skirt would give you a professional look. The good thing about having a blazer on is that you can put it on and off when needed.

Skirts and dresses above the knee
Skirts and dresses, which could be short-sleeved or sleeveless, are great when it’s hot and humid. They are more comfortable to wear instead of trousers as they allow air to flow. As a rule, I only wear skirts and dresses when it is hot.

Take note of the type of skirts and dresses you pick for work. It’s more preferable to stick with a single colour. They look more professional. Light flowy skirts and dresses made of materials like chiffon are also great to wear when the weather is hot. You can style your dress with a waist belt and still look stylish and professional.

Light tailored jacket
Jackets are always part of a corporate attire and they are as useful as blazers. You can wear a light cotton tailored jacket over a sleeveless dress, or a blouse and maintain the professional look.

Lightweight trousers
If you have to wear trousers, go for lightweight trousers. Trousers made of light breathable material are great to wear to work. Materials like cotton or linen are ideal for trousers. Linen blended with other light fabrics helps minimize wrinkles. Go for trousers that are loose and that do not cling to your legs. This will help prevent you from overheating!

So there you have it! Feel free to be creative by adding lovely accessories to complement your dressing. A matching bag or purse wouldn’t hurt as well. How are you dressing for the office in the heatwave? Feel free to drop your style tips in the comment section.

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Workwear Inspiration

Sometimes I miss getting dressed everyday, to go to work outside my home. Being a blogger, means I can work from anywhere, wearing anything, but I am also a stay at home mum, which comes first, so working from the local cafe for example, won’t be quite ideal in my current situation. Which means I do most of my blog work from home, wearing my home clothes, nothing fancy at all. So you can see why, on some days, I miss getting suited up in a fitted blazer and jeans, like I use to.

Depending on what you do for a living, it is advisable to have your workwear, casual and formal outfits in sync, so it doesn’t look like you are living separate lives, wardrobe-wise, and so you can wear your pieces for various events. This is why you need as many versatile pieces and accessories as possible.

I am inspired by some new pieces in stores at the moment, and I see myself getting some of them. Even if I work from home, and I see no reason why I should type a blog post wearing a blazer, these pieces would be great for events and meetings with clients, which I seem to be having quite a lot of lately.

Here are some workwear pieces that have caught my eye:

Olivia Single Breasted Herringbone Jersey Blazer

Joules Jersey Blazer Image

This fitted tweed grey jersey blazer by Joules is right up my street. It looks soft and feels comfortable to wear, it has a classic fitted look, which I love, and the touch of pink on the collar, just wins. I can picture myself wearing this with a pair of black skinny jeans, and a pink shirt, like the shirt pictured below. Perfect for the office and perfect for my client meetings. It is an investment piece. You can grab this versatile piece for £99.95.

Kingstonstrap Slim Fit Stretch Shirt

Joules Slim Fit Shirt Image

I adore slim fitted shirts. They usually look so pretty with skinny jeans or trousers, and they look good either tucked in or out, depending on the event and the look you are going for. This pink tailored shirt by Joules gives a flattering fit, it is a keeper. You can grab this shirt for £49.95.


Black Monroeblack Skinny Jeans

Joules Skinny Jeans Black Image

I am a sucker for a good pair of skinny jeans. I think they are the foundation piece to a capsule wardrobe, and they are super versatile too. You can rock a pair of skinny jeans to work with a shirt, blazer and heels, or throw a jumper with a pair of boots or sneakers. It works either way. This Joules pair is super stretchy and super flattering, and you can grab yours for £59.95.


UMADOSA Black Heels


Aldo Black Shoes

A classic black shoe is perfect for anything. It can take you from a wedding to the pub, and this pair by Aldo, can do just that. I love the attention to detail, with the addition of a sleek metal-accented heel. It is a beauty. You can grab this pair for £65.


What do you think of these items? Would you rock any of these? Drop me a comment, let’s chat.


*This is a collaborative post.

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