Scheduling Your Blog Posts

I usually schedule my blog posts days in advance. That way, I know exactly what and when posts will be published. This act keeps my blog organised.Some weeks, scheduling enough posts for Sunday to Saturday is just not possible but I try to stay on top of it as much as I can. I make use of a notepad, I take this everywhere with me and I scribble down blog posts whenever inspiration strikes.


Fashion and Style Police is more of a commercial fashion and beauty blog, than a personal style blog, so I publish posts multiple times on most days. This won’t be possible without scheduling my posts in advance. That said, I sometimes publish posts I write on the spot like breaking fashion news or when I am trying to catch up on the blog.

I write most of my posts in the evening when my babies are asleep and I usually plan the week’s content over the weekend. It is hard work to stay this organised but it pays off in the end.

Here are some tips you could try when scheduling your blog posts:

  1. Take as many outfit pictures as possible once you are able to and the once the weather is good. Many bloggers take multiple outfit pictures at once.
  2. Always carry a notepad to jot down ideas for a blog post. This way you never run out of ideas.
  3. Make the most of your free time by creating an editorial calender and sticking to it.
  4. Decide on how often you will publish your posts and stick to it. Your readers need to know when to come back for new content.
  5. Study or stalk blogs you admire. Read books, magazines and newspapers and don’t forget the TV or YouTube. Inspiration is everywhere. You just need to see it.

Happy Blogging.



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  1. I am new to the blogger world so this gives me some great advice on how to keep things on a schedule and organized. You just made my OCD happy. Thanks and I love your content.

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