Let Your Beachwear Do The Talking

The holiday season is here and the beach is calling. I have a beach holiday planned for later in the year but I know many people are lying on a beach somewhere (or planning to) soaking in the sun and tanning up. So I thought a beachwear post would be timely.

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Here are some beachwear hacks you should remember this season:


Remember There Are Tankinis

When we say beachwear, many people automatically think of a bikini, forgetting there are many others. If you do not like your belly area, or you do not feel comfortable rocking a bikini, remember there are 1 pieces and tankinis.


Lovely Beach Image


Go for Quality

I like to invest in the best when it comes to beachwear because I hardly ever buy them. So when I do, I go for quality pieces and I make sure I have a couple of them every time. I currently have 4 pieces for different uses, which I think is a good number to have.


Choose the Right Beachwear for your Body

Different beachwears suit different body types and shapes, so make sure you have the right piece for your body shape. Bra tops are fab for busty women, halter-neck top bikinis offer support and create enviable cleavage. Bikini tops with built-in padding or underwiring is great for women who are small on top. Ruffles or prints pieces are great for slim women as they create the illusion of curves. High-cut bikini bottoms make your bum appear smaller and your legs appear longer. I can go on and on with more tips, the bottom line is you knowing what designs suit your body shape and buying them.


Go for Bright Colours in the Summer

Take advantage of the sun and go for bright coloured pieces this summer. They always look so good.


Remember Your Kaftans & Sarongs

I have stocked up on a few kaftans and sarongs ready for the beach and you should too, if you are planning a beach holiday. I find them so comfortable and chilled out. They are great for chilling on a beach. I always go a size up when shopping for these as I like it to be airy and free. There are so many stylish designs in the stores so keep your eyes open.


Are you going on a beach holiday this year? Do you have any beachwear tips to share?



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  1. We are off to Centerparcs, as we always do. I will be wearing a one piece, like I always do, but I’ll be thinner than I was the previous holiday so that’s always nice!

  2. I’d really like a tankini, I’m not confident enough for a bikini but I think I could manage a tankini reather than my one piece swimsuit which tbh, just makes me feel HUGE! I also like good quality beachwear, if I’m going to be wearing it in front of random people, it needs to be good quality 🙂 Fab post, thank you for sharing with us. xx

  3. I would love to be going on a beach holiday to have to choose which beach wear I was going to wear – your pics look like they are from Miami? I usually go bikini, but have seen so many gorgeous full pieces too.

  4. Just come back from holiday. I love to take a good choice of beachwear, including bikini’s, which cover a little more than the skimpy 1’s. I also like to take a couple of good full 1 pieces for swimming in as I feel safer in a full one then.

    Yes I have some lovely beach wraps and cotton easy to wear loose dresses for the beach too.

    Oh yes there are some gorgeous colours around this summer too. I like to wear high waist bikini bottoms to cover those stretch marks and less than perfect stomach area

  5. It’s been such a very long time since I was ever anywhere warm enough to wear a bathing suit outdoors, but when I did I opted for the boy cut style which covered my thighs as I feel other suits are too revealing.

  6. I completely didn’t think about quality but you’re so right it can make a huge difference. I think that choosing the right one for your body is essential too, there’s no point of being uncomfortable either.

    Alina from Lifestyle & DIY blog

  7. I am heading to the beach tomorrow and I have no beachwear. It looks like I need to pop into tesco tomorrow and grab a tankini since I don’t like bikinis

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