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The fact that you wear glasses does not mean that you can no longer use makeup. It often feels that way because it seems like glasses alter your face and makeup can do little to change things.
The good news is that wearing glasses does not stop you from using makeup. It challenges you to be creative and focus on those areas of your face where makeup can make all the difference. You can look beautiful even with glasses on! Follow these rules to guide you on how you can use makeup if you’re wear glasses.

Rule #1: Use neutral coloured eye shadow
Glasses give a bold statement so going with bright coloured eye shadow will be left unseen behind your glasses. Neutral colours are ideal because instead of crowding the eye region, they brighten the area, making your eyes look bigger and brighter. Neutral colours like champagne and rose gold will achieve this effect. Make sure that the eye shadow does not go outside the frame line so it looks neat and not messy. Take it further by shimmering the lower eyelid. This will add light to your eye area and make your eyes stand out from underneath your glasses.

Rule #2: Go for the bold lip
Although bright coloured eye shadows don’t work well behind glasses, they do work amazingly well for your lips. Bright colours like red, pink and orange balance out your glasses. You can also choose colours that complement the colour of your glasses. So if you’re wearing glasses with a hint of red in them, then you can go for a red lipstick to balance it out.

Rule #3: Shape your eyebrows
Give your eyebrows some definition by shaping your eyebrows. Shaping your eyebrows gives structure to your face and open up your eyes beautifully. I like to thread my eyebrows once a month. It can be very painful but the finished look is worth the pain. Pretty does hurt.

Rule #4: Curl your eyelashes and apply mascara
Use eyelash curlers to curl your eyelashes. Curled eyelashes serve two purposes. First, they help make your eyes look cute and flattering. Second, they keep the eyelashes from hitting your glasses, especially if you apply mascara and you have long eyelashes like I do. Applying mascara will make your eyes appear bigger.

Rule #5: Apply blush and bronzer
Apply blush to each cheek to give your face a rosy colour. This adds colour to your face. Make your cheekbones stand out by applying a bronzer. Doing this will add structure to your face.

Rule #6: Make the areas around your eyes bright and healthy
There are many ways you can define your eyes with an eyeliner. Draw cat eyes. It complements the frames by minimizing its shape. Another way is to apply the eyeliner according to the thickness of your frames. Thick frames will require a thick liner while thin frames will require a thin liner.

Wearing glasses and looking good isn’t as difficult as it seems. Now that you have these tips, you no longer have to stare at your makeup kit wondering what to do. With these rules in mind, you can look pretty with your glasses on.

Do you wear glasses? What do you think of these tips?

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  1. I have JUST started wearing glasses and it’s difficult to get the balance right isn’t it? I chose crazy dark frames so if i wear my normal full on eye make up then it’s a bit much so neutral is a great tip. Always love a bold lip though.

  2. Helpful post! I mostly wear my contact lenses as I love experimenting with make up. When I wear my glasses I usually keep my make up very basic – will experiment today!

  3. Great tips Stella. Thanks for sharing. And you are looking cute in those glasses. Do you still wear them?

    Permit to add; wear primer before make up like foundation so creasing doesn’t occur where the glasses rest around the nose area.

    Do have an amazing weekend.

    Much Love.

  4. I wear glasses and I love the idea of these tips, I am forever looking for ways to make my eyes pop behind my glasses, I totally agree with the curling of your lashes, they need to look big! Also a red lip is amaaazing 😀

  5. i’ve always worn makeup the same with or without my glasses and i agree shaped eyebrows help but black eyeliner is what makes my makeup look good with glasses.

  6. Ooo I’ve only recently started wearing glasses and think that a bold lip is a really good tip. I don’t wear much makeup so a pop of colour should work well 🙂 great tips

  7. I have glasses but I usually wear contact because I can’t stand wearing glasses, that said I’ve worn them more recently but I never alter my make up, probably because I can’t be bothered but these are some great tips to make me want to wear them for meals out etc!

  8. Wonderful tips. I am a glasses wearer and I really enjoy these tips, they are very helpful. I am all out now to go to parties with my glasses. Thank you for sharing.

  9. I wear glasses and wear make up, only problem is using false lashes, they catch my glasses.
    Same when I wear mascara that lengthens a lot too haha.

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