Models Cover ELLE UK August 2016 Issue

ELLE UK August 2016

It is the season of group models on magazine covers and I am loving it so much. On ELLE UK August 2016 issue, we have 4 beautiful models gracing the cover; Ysaunny Brito, Bhumika Arora, Sofie Hemmet, and Maggi Jablonski, and they are all rocking Prada pieces. This cover was shot by photographer Kai Z Feng for ELLE.

I like the fact that these ladies are models on the rise and not supermodels. I like to see new, fresh faces on the cover of a magazine every now and again. I also like the fact this cover is the reader’s choice cover. This is actually ELLE’s first ever group cover shot featuring new models. The whole idea behind the cover is to celebrate fashion’s brave new spirit, and the power in being YOU. I like it.

I really like this cover. I like the fact that various races are featured on it. The beautiful faces are strong and fierce and it looks excellently. This here right is one of my favourite ELLE UK covers till date.F

I am interested in the features on the cover as well especially ‘GET NAKED – The right nude lipstick for you’. That sounds like an article I need to read after my last encounter with a nude lipstick. I am still in the pursuit of a nude lipstick that will look good on me. The ‘GET HIGH – The heel is back’ also sounds like an interesting fashion article.

I am hoping to grab a copy of this issue before it goes off the newsstands. I am quite behind on my reading this month. I am currently reading Anne Frank’s Diary – The Diary of a Young Girl, but once I am done with that, I will play catch up on the others.

What are your thoughts on this August cover? Do you like it? Have you read the issue?

Drop me a comment, lets chat.

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  1. Haven’t bought any fashion magazines in ages! But I agree with you, I like the fact that they used up and coming models and not supermodels too. These “stars” get way too much attention already. Time to shine the light on others too 🙂

  2. I definitely like the cover on here. Like the Harper Bazaar cover the other day I like the fact of it having a collection of models on the cover. It is a naturally stunning cover and yes I am tempted to get it

  3. I agree it’s nice to have up and coming models featured, and the diversity on the cover is fab. Sounds like it will be a good issue when you get a chance to read it!

  4. I like this cover for being so clean. Look at their faces, you can barely see any make up on them (maybe there is not, maybe there are just lights from the studio). I like that a high fashion magazine like Elle promotes natural beauty.

  5. Great cover shot, love that they look natural and not over done. Bhumika Arora’s eyebrows too, wow, stunning!

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