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Hey peoples. New month means new celebrity style post. I really tried to feature a ‘YAY or NAY’ post last month, but I couldn’t squeeze it in. So this is me making sure I publish a celebrity fashion post this month, by posting it on the 4th day of August. Say hello to the beautiful Cara Delevingne. She was spotted at the Suicide Squad New York, rocking this Anthony Vaccarello Black Studded and Perforated Black Suede Dress.

Now this right here is what I call a very bold look. Many of us won’t even dare pull this off but Cara is daring and that is what I admire most about her. Having said that, I am not sure I admire this look. I don’t think I like it to be honest. I love the bold eye makeup and the bright red lips, and her hair looks great, but paired with his outfit, the entire look does not work for me. It’s a bit too much.

I would have preferred to see her rocking this eye-popping dress with a pair of shoes, sandals or ankle boots rather than this thigh high boots. I would have also preferred to see her with a mild makeup and simple hair-do as opposed to this full-on look she has on, if that makes sense.

I like the way the Anthony Vaccarello model below styled hers, and I prefer her look. I can see more of the dress this way –




This Anthony Vaccarello dress is well over £2,000, so it is not budget-friendly at all, but if you like, I am sure you can get cheaper similar alternatives.

What do you think of Cara Delevingne’s look? Is it a YAY or a NAY? Sound off in the comment section please.

Thanks for reading and have a fabulous day.


26 responses

  1. Oh God no! I don’t like it at all. It’s makes her a look a trollop to me. Bit rocky horror shop foe me, this look all together.

    The look below is far better than the cover picture. She looks lovely in that.

    The cover picture would not make me buy it. It would put me off buying it and make me wonder if the magazine was on the wrong shelf Its a total mistake is the cover picture.

    The cover does the artist and her no favors IMHO

  2. I am not a fan of her look either. That top is way too revealing and in my opinion, is not feminine at all. It’s very slutty if you ask my opinion

  3. I think it’s a no from me. I’m def going to sound my age here, but what is going on? What happened to the little black dress or some killer leather pants and head? More is less in my book 😋

  4. I really like this look personally, it shows off how confident she is with how she looks and what she wears! Shame about the price tag!

  5. not for me, and certainly not value for money. I am spending more on good classics that will last for years these days.

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