Rita Ora Covers Cosmopolitan UK September 2016 Issue


The beautiful Rita Ora is on the cover of Cosmopolitan UK September 2016 issue, and she is looking flawless on it! I love this cover a lot. The pink background works with her outfit and makeup. I like everything about this cover. I won’t say I am a huge fan of Rita Ora, but I do like a few of her songs, especially the one with Chris Brown – Body on Me, and I think she is a pretty girl. I can see myself grabbing a copy of this issue this month because it is £1, I find the cover girl interesting and I will be on the move quite a lot in the next couple of weeks.

In this issue, Rita Ora opens up her about her anxiety struggles:

“I have someone I speak to once a week. People suffer it in different ways, but for me it’s more about thinking about the long-term goal.”

“I’m a very ‘in the moment’-type person, so if I have to do something there and then, I’ll be fine. But if I think about it, that’s when anxious thoughts start going in.”

I like the fact that she is openly talking about her anxiety struggles. Many people suffer in silence, so it is refreshing to see a celebrity speaking out about her anxiety issues and how she deals with it.




Apart from being eager to read Rita’s full interview, I am also very interested in the other features. Show Time – Beauty editors unzip their makeup bags sounds major, I bet every beauty blogger would be interested in reading that article. The hooked on selfies – the rise of the female narcissists, sounds like an interesting read too.

What are your thoughts on this September issue? Are you a fan or Rita Ora?

Sound off in the comment section please.

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  1. It’s interesting and quite refreshing to hear that even celebrities suffer from anxiety. I have suffered with Generalised Anxiety Disorder for over 10 years so I can relate to the things she goes through. I wouldn’t say I am a fan of Rita Ora but I don’t dislike her either.

    Laura x x x

  2. I love the colour tones of the cover, really pretty against her skin. I wish she had denims shorts on in the other photo though, it’d fit the styling better. It’s good to hear that she’s open about her anxiety, seeing someone in the public eye being open about it can really help

  3. Good to see she is ontop of her anxiety issues, however I’d like to see her less of her modelling for brands and hear more hit songs from her! I saw her live in Berlin once and she was actually quite good… ( :

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