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What are dreams? They can be described as successions of images, ideas, emotions, and sensations that occur mostly in the mind during certain stages of sleep. Do dreams have meanings? Do dreams come true? It depends on the dreamer and the dream. I have always been a dreamer for as long as I can remember. And my dreams do come true 99.9% of the time. Strange I know but true. I remember my classmates in high school jokingly begging me not to dream about them, because whatever I dream about would happen for real within days. As I got older, my dreams became more infrequent and I started to notice a pattern. I could go weeks without having a single dream, and then have multiple dreams every night on a random week. And then I realised the triggers. I would likely have a dream when I am exhausted, restless, anxious or worried about something.

Most of my dreams become a reality or become the complete opposite. Some mornings, I would wake up knowing fully well that I had a dream but I won’t remember a single thing. I think dreams are crazy mind games sometimes.

This pattern went on until I became pregnant some years ago. My dreams became very vivid as soon as I took in. I read about how vivid dreams can become during pregnancy but I never imagine how real they would feel. I could hardly fall asleep throughout the duration of my pregnancy, sleep eluded me but whenever it found me, I would have multiple dreams in 1 night, and they felt so real. I was not comfortable on the bed, so I slept on a recliner chair on most nights (that recliner chair was a life saver), and I observed my dreams were more frequent and more bizarre than normal. I dreamt of the silliest things some nights but most of my dreams were centred around my babies, labour, and my pregnancy. I dreamt of what their sexes would be, their development in my womb, various pregnancy stages, labour and delivery, what they would look like, them being toddlers, you name it, I probably dreamt it.

Looking back now, I think the vivid dreams had to do with my pregnancy hormones, because I found out that many pregnant women complain about vivid dreams too. It could also be down to the fact that I could hardly have uninterrupted sleep with the constant toilet trips, discomfort, aches and pains, so it was more likely for me to remember my dreams vividly.

My dreams returned to the usual pattern after delivery, and it has stayed the same, pretty much. I dream every now and again, not regular, not as vivid, but they do come true, or become the complete opposite, 99.9% of the time.

Did you have vivid dreams while pregnant? Do you dream frequently? Do your dreams come true? Lets talk, sound off in the comment section please.

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  1. I sleep very little but when I dream my dreams are crazy and unique. I have had dreams with me as a killer and dreams where people have tried to kill me. My dreams are crazy!

  2. I had an awful dream last night, I get it frequently.. A massive spider is crawling down my wall or up my bed. I jump out of my bed and switch the light on and all of a sudden I’m awake and standing up! CRAZY!

  3. I am like you I don’t have any then have a spate of them. They’re always so incredibly random and weird though!!

  4. I rarely remember my dreams but when I do they are always really weird! I love trying to analyse them..I think that is my scientific nature coming through!

  5. I too have always been a dreamer for as long as I can remember. Funny thing my friend used to say the same thing to me at school as my dreams (or rather predictions as my nana called them) always seemed to come to. Now they are infrequent and don’t know why

  6. I’m not sure that I have had a dream come true but I’ve always been a dreamer when I sleep. Sometimes my dreams are so vivid and crazy and then other times they have to do with things going on in my life. And every once and awhile I have lucid dreams.

    xo, Jackie

  7. Dreams do come true I believe but there is something about dreaming while pregnant. Maybe it has to do with the one growing inside or may be not but a lot of people say dreaming when you are pregnant come true.
    Great post Stella

  8. Dreams do come through. I am a dreamer and most of my dreams come to past. However ones state of mind and activities before sleep might affect dreams – those could just be dreams . The deep dreams could be revelations so need attention. Lol! I really love your blog, very effective.

  9. I still have very vivid dreams, but thankfully, since they’re so odd ,they don’t come true for me! There was one time I developed a recipe in my dream which was very successful though, lol!

  10. Usually, I never like going to sleep, I know right? The thing is most of my dreams are terrifying and it’s crazy. But there was this one dream was completely random and weird that I managed to ride a unicorn to a muffin land. How crazy is that? haha

  11. I get strange dreams too. But the best part is that they give me so many new ideas. Mind palace seems like that one place where you can blend different thoughts.

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