Maternity Fashion Tips for Mums to be

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Finding the right outfit during your pregnancy can be a challenge. Not only do you need to upgrade your wardrobe every trimester, but you can struggle to find clothes that suit and make you feel good. To give you a helping hand, we’ve put together some top tips for mums to be.
First Trimester
During your first trimester, it’s natural to want to keep your pregnancy under wraps. Many people prefer to keep the news a secret until the second trimester, so finding some clothes that allow you a little extra room to breathe is the best idea.
Put aside clothes that are tight, clingy or draw attention to your stomach, as this is the telltale area for those getting suspicious.  Instead, opt for silhouettes that flow over your tummy, hips and thighs, so that you can hide the few pounds you may gain within your first few months of pregnancy.
Dresses, knits, and skirts are great solutions, while the ‘blouson’ style top – which has a waistband at the bottom and some room to breathe above the band – can give you the confidence and flexibility to keep your baby news a secret.
As your bump continues to grow, you may find it difficult to fit into your existing clothes – opting for a size or two up could be an idea, but do you want to waste money on clothes that you’re not going to use as soon as you pop? Stretch your wardrobe with some useful and flexible additions is a great solution, with items such as stretchy bands, layering tanks and oversized cardigans and blazers all coming in useful during the difficult first few months of your pregnancy.
Second Trimester
During your second trimester, you can feel like you’re growing every week, but splashing out on a new wardrobe every time you have something to eat just isn’t going to cut it. Instead, investing in a few key items that will grow with you is the best solution. Things with tie-backs, buttons, and gathering can be adjusted throughout your pregnancy as your body changes, can offer you some serious comfort and save you money.
This period is also the beginning of your bustier figure, so investing in some great quality bras is a good idea. Although finding a bigger size might be the first thing that comes to mind, you should instead opt for bras that offer more comfort, support and room to grow – you can find many stylish nursing or maternity bras in some stores, so it pays to shop around.
As far versatile pregnancy outfits go, wrap dresses should become your wardrobe staple. Opt for solid colours or block patterns, and embrace your curves – it’s a chance for you to enjoy your changing body and let the world know that you’re a mother to be! Wrap dresses can be pulled off both at work and the weekend, and, as your bump grows, you can change where you tie the dress to increase your comfort and style.


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Third Trimester
The last few months of your pregnancy can be a challenge – you’re likely to feel uncomfortable in whatever you wear, and buttoning and zipping up your clothing feels increasingly difficult. An empire-waisted maxi dress is an ideal solution, as it gives you room to breathe and can be used even after your baby has arrived.
If you’re attending a party or you’re just plain sick of blacks and greys, then adding some more oomph doesn’t have to be difficult. Matching your accessories to your body is something recommended by fashion experts across the globe, so add some big, bold earrings to your outfit or opt for a scarf with a quirky pattern to transform your outfit.
If you’re running low on funds, or you’re just sick of shopping in the maternity department, then purchasing some new shoes is a great way to give your outfits a much-needed boost. Whether you opt for a ballerina pump or go for a kitten heel, you’ll be able to find a pair that offers you comfort and style – and the best part is, you’ll still be able to wear them when you return to your pre-baby figure.

Regardless of how you want to deal with your pregnancy, following some of our fashion tips should help to take away some of the pressure of your maternity wardrobe. And, using a Mothercare discount code from MyVoucherCodes means you won’t need to break the bank.


How did you dress up your pregnancy bump? Do you shop with discount codes?


*This is a collaborative post.

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  1. I didn’t realise they did voucher codes for maternity wear..just assumed it was for eating out and experiences so will look into this some more..especially at other clothing options. (i’m not pregnant but love kids clothes).

  2. A good, comfortable pair of jeans, a great bra and a dress you still feel glam in were my key picks when I was pregnant with Joe.

  3. So much more choice, awareness and advice available today. Much than when I had mine in the 80’s & 90’s. God that makes me feel physically old. Ha!

    Me I’m a Granna to 1 and I expect to be Granna to a few more in the next few years as I know my daughter in law is well broody.

    On a personal note, I am rather glad I am past having babies stage. Never thought I would say that.

    Being Granna is great cos I get the pleasure and parental revenge when the Grandchildren hit a certain age 😉 Yes Granna is the name I am called. I am not a Grandma or Nana. Yuck at those names.

    To all the Mom’s of little one’s, all those expecting etc. enjoy them whilst you can. They grow so fast. God I remember people saying that to me when mine were little. I just rolled my eyes! Now I am saying it myself. God. It’s true though. LOL

  4. I will say my third trimester I felt likely I didn’t care. I just kept it simple. Cami and leggings or shorts. I had a summer baby. I’m hoping the next time I can have the energy to be more fashionable lol

  5. Autumn has got to be the best month to be pregnant in though!
    Not too hot and not too cold. Baggy clothes are comfy & acceptable!
    Ughhh when I was in my third trimester though, everything was uncomfortable. Underwear was the worse. haha

  6. Great tips for anyone expecting, I know my sister-in-law struggled with workwear when she was pregnant. It’s good to know that there is vouchercodes out there xo

  7. I didn’t know there were voucher codes for maternity wear!! In all honestly I just bough normal clothes in sizes a bit bigger I only bough maternity dresses and clothes for special occasions! Its so expensive!

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