How to Blog on a Tight Budget

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A lot of time, energy and resources go into blogging. You have to run, nurture and grow your blog like you would do a baby. Depending on the vision and the goals you set for your blog, you have to make sure you invest in it.
You can run a blog with no financial investment at all but your progress will be slow and the results will likely be few and far between. If you are thinking of blogging professionally, you will need to take things further to up your game. I’m aware that some bloggers run on a tight budget and do not have enough money to spend on expensive equipment, ads, or software. Don’t get discouraged. You can still make great progress and record awesome results even on a shoe-string budget. Here are some tips for you –
What is your long-term plan?
Surely, you will not run your blog on a budget forever. But if you want to make sure that every penny you spend on your blog gives you a nice return on investment, you need to have a plan laid out. Consider exactly how much you can spend on your blog. Write down the figure on a piece of paper. Next write a list of what you would like to achieve with your blog on a monthly basis, the reason you want to achieve it and an estimate of how much you would need to make each of those items come true.
Here comes the tough part: go through your list and tick only the essentials. When you’re running on a tight budget, you need to make smart use of the money you have to spend. So you need to stick to the essentials as much as possible. For example, if you run a food blog and on your list you have “buy a new camera to take crisp photos of the food I make” or “buy audio equipment for a food podcast,” then the most important item would be a new camera. This is because your readers will need to see the food you are making.

A camera is an essential for any type of blogger. A decent point and shoot camera may be a good place to start if you are running on a very tight budget. Most iPhones also take excellent photos so you may just start with that if you have one, and see how it goes. I shared some photography tips in my book – How to Cash In as a Blogger, so go have a read.

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Improvise as much as you can
There’s always an alternative for everything. Check your list again and ask yourself: Is there a cheaper, yet efficient alternative to the items on this list? For example, you could use your phone to record the videos you’ll use for your blog. You could download video editing software with a 30-day trial period then save up to buy that software next month.
Be creative. Necessity is the mother of inventions. The beauty blogger, Anna Gardner, started by balancing her camera on top of cereal boxes to record her videos instead of getting a tripod to do the job. Think outside the box, and make sure of what you do have.
Learn a new skill
Professional bloggers with a high budget usually have a team behind their blog. They have their own photographer, graphic designer, copywriter, publicist and virtual assistant. If you’re running on a tight budget, you may not be able to afford hiring people to make up your team. Why not learn a skill? For example, you can teach yourself how to create your own graphics, or you can simply use sites like Canva or PicMonkey to get the work done for you. Or get a friend or family member to do the job for you.

Do you have any tips for blogging on a budget?

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  1. I think it makes sense to blog with a tight budget in the first place. There is so much beauty in simplicity. I find that my posts are well received when I use recyclable materials and don’t go over the top with expensive items. People tend to enjoy what they can attain and bearing that in mind, I try to invest with time to edit my posts and engage with my readers rather than go all out splashy with content.

  2. The only money I spend on my blog is paying for my self-hosted site. That’s about it! 😉 I use free picture-edit websites like picmonkey for my photos, while I do have an expensive camera, I didn’t get it for my blog, but because I love photography 🙂 Would like to get an editing software for videos, but don’t really want to spend, so I just use Imovie on my Mac. But like you said, I guess it really depends on what you want to do with your blog and if you have the money/budget, why not? x

  3. Awesome tips Stella 🙂
    It just goes to show you can still utilise without over spending.
    The only thing I did spend on, was my camera. But I love photography as a hobby, so I definitley get my moneys worth. x

  4. Great tips hon, and haha! for the vlogger who used to balance her camera on cereal boxes. Meeehn I need so much for my blog now coz I started uploading vids to my YouTube channel. I need an editor, coz I just dont have the time to download free vid editing apps and teach myself….so I just uploaded the raw version of the videos to YouTube…it will be a way to document my growth I guess one way of determining how to budget for your blog is knowing the social media channels you want to invest in- is it video, your blog, instagram…( :

  5. a lovely post. I do everything myself except for photography which the hubby does but I learnt pic monkey and editing and now i’m looking for some cheaper options for certain social media subscriptions which i have to try and reduce my cost. This is a good post and things to think about.

  6. These are some great tips – when I started blogging a few years ago things were completely different so I think using what you have and improvising as well as being creative is what it’s all about when you have a low budget

    Laura x

  7. There are free courses and tools that I’ve benefitted from a lot. A free “writing for the web” course means my posts are better written and an SEO plugin makes sure I don’t miss out on any optimisation opportunity.

  8. Great post Stella. I have ran one of my blog for nearly 6 years now. Everything from domains, linkys buying things to make something ha came out my pocket. Something as to change now as I have never earned a penny, lol. It is like a full time job too. Time to start my blog as a business or slow my blog down and find a job..

  9. I definitely don’t have a budget to spend on hiring and do everything I can myself or learn it. I love the fact that blogging can be as cheap or as expensive as you want it to.

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