Jenna Coleman Covers Glamour UK October 2016

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Source: David Bailey for Glamour Magazine


It is a new month and you know what that means for Fashion and Style Police. Well if you don’t know, it means I get to read and discuss new issues of some of my favourite UK magazines. Glamour Magazine is at the top of my list so I like to discuss her monthly issue cover first. The beautiful Jenna Coleman covers Glamour Magazine UK October 2016, and it looks good. It is a very different magazine cover compared to the recent Glamour covers, but it looks nice.

I must confess I have never heard of Jenna Coleman until this cover, so I went digging. She is a 30-year-old English actress, born in Blackpool, famous for her roles in Doctor Who, and the British soap – Emmerdale.

I use to watch Emmerdale back in the day, but I no longer watch it. I got bored but I don’t remember her character at all.

In this issue, Coleman talks about her career and her role-playing Queen Victoria in the ITV series – Victoria, saying:  “She’s this young, vibrant girl who’s full of exuberance and energy and doesn’t really hide it. I find her fascinating. You couldn’t tame her. She’s passionate and temperamental. She was a revelation to me.”

Jenna Coleman Image

Source: David Bailey for Glamour Magazine

I am yet to watch the Victoria ITV, so I know nothing of what she is on about. Maybe I will give it a watch when next I stumble on it.

Apart from Jenna Coleman’s interview with Glamour Magazine, I am also very interested in some of the other features – ‘Make More Money From Your Crazy Ass Phone Obsession’, ‘The Beauty Power List’, and 558 Style Goals. They all sound like a good read. I can see myself grabbing a copy once the issue hits the newsstands on Thursday 8 September.

What do you think of this issue? Are you a fan of Jenna Coleman? Do you watch the Victoria TV series? Sound off in the comment section.

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  1. I really admire Jenna Coleman because she’s a real inspiration for an aspiring performer like me, especially since we were born in the same place (Blackpool)), have the same birthday (27/4) and the same middle name (Louise). I’m just 11 years younger!

  2. No I hadn’t heard of her either. She is refreshingly naturally beautifully I think. The Beauty Power List sounds interesting so when I go shopping I think I will add this to my cart. Great post Stella

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