How to Care for your Lips this Autumn/Winter

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Autumn is here and so it is time to pay our skin and lips some extra attention. I recently raved about how cool lip balms were, and I am stocking on a few at the moment. What many people don’t realize is that the weather doesn’t only affect the skin on your body but also affects the skin on your lips. In fact, the lips are worse hit during the cold weather.

Sadly, the lips get the least amount of care in some ladies’ skincare routine. The skin on your lips is very sensitive such that a little change in weather can affect your lips. The cold weather can make your lips go dry, chapped, or cracked. If your lips are not attended to soon enough, the weather can cause them to even bleed, and this is not a pretty look.

Dry, chapped, or cracked lips can make you less appealing. The flaky skin makes the skin on your lips look uneven. Sometimes when you apply lipstick or lip balm it can get caked up in the dried skin on your lips.

Here are some lip care tips that will help you have healthy-looking, smooth and soft lips this autumn/winter:

Avoid bad lip habits
I’ve observed a lot of women who have the habit of biting or licking their lips for no reason. Some even peel the dried skin off their lips with their fingers. Such habits can make your lips dry out and will leave your lips in bad shape. Biting or pealing the dried skin from your lips can make your lips bleed and cause injuries that will take a long time to heal. The best way to ensure that you have good-looking lips is to stop those bad habits. Your lips will thank you for it.

Exfoliate your lips
If you thought exfoliation is only for your body then think again. Your lips also need to be exfoliated to get rid of dried skin and reveal new skin. It’ll make your lips smoother and easier to evenly apply lipstick.
Use a natural scrub to exfoliate your lips. In a bowl mix 1 tablespoon of sugar, with a teaspoon of honey and a bit of olive oil. Apply this scrub over your lips and gently work it in with your fingers, then wash off after a few minutes. The granules of sugar help remove the dried skin while the honey and olive oil help keep your lips soft. A toothbrush can also do the trick.

Moisturize your lips
Since the weather dries up your lips, moisturizing your lips daily is a must. Apply lip balm morning and night, as well as any time you feel your lips are drying out. When choosing a lip balm, make sure that it contains Vitamins A and D and natural oils to give your lips the necessary pampering.
If you want to go all-natural, use coconut oil. Coconut oil is amazing! It keeps your lips soft and heals any cuts that may have been caused by the weather. Take a little bit of coconut oil and apply it on your lips morning and night immediately after you come out of the shower. The coconut oil gets easily absorbed into the skin and can last the whole day.

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  1. My lips get so chapped in the winter but I usually just use Vaseline which has works really well. Ive never used coconut oil on them, although I use it on my skin, must give that a try!

  2. For me, my lips just has to be right. I am one of those girls who wear vaseline after brushing my teeth in the night, it makes a lot of difference compared to when you don’t wear any.
    Great Post Stella.

  3. I use a lip balm winter/spring/summer/autumn. You guessed all the year round. I hate dry lips

    I hate dry lips. I also use a soft tooth brush to exfoliate my lips with the exfoliator. Nice tip the mix you use to exfoliate

    I read to use the toothbrush and a little Vaseline to exfoliate which is what I do. I d like the idea of what you use and will try that.

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