OOTD: Autumn in Cheshire


Burgundy is one of my favourite colours and I know that is the same for many. Rocking a burgundy piece in autumn/winter is one of the coolest style things to do. There is something about wearing a burgundy piece that just ticks all the boxes for me. This sweater is no different. I knew I had to have it as soon as I laid eyes on it. I found the gold stud holes details so unique and stylish. It is also dead comfy for a chilly day. I can picture myself wearing the life out of this beautiful piece in the upcoming months.

Some people wonder why ‘fashionistas’ avoid wearing very bright colours during autumn/winter, and instead for ‘dull’ colours. I really can’t say why this happens. I guess people dress based on what they see in vogue in the stores, so fashion designers may be the best people to ask. I sometimes bright colours in autumn/winter, but I tend to go for monochrome, burgundy, khaki and similar colours during this season instead because it works for me.

The weather is getting really cold here in Cheshire, so I am keeping warm with layers. Everything I have on here has appeared on the blog before except the burgundy sweater. I got that some weeks ago at Cheshire Oaks Outlet, and as you can see it is a great complementary piece, that would fit nicely into any wardrobe.



What do you think of this look? How are you keeping warm this season? Do drop me a comment in the comment section below, let’s chat. I read and respond to all comments.





Burgundy Sweater – Guess

Black Leggings – Pertz Leggings

Blue Boots – Lunar Shoes

Black Sunnies – Marc Jacobs

Black Bag – Michael Kors

Monochrome Scarf – Henry Holland


Thanks for reading and have a lovely day.


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  1. I love the colour and the gold with it. You look fab Stella. I tend to layer with clothes cos that is as well as my quirky fashion sense, to do with health issues.

    I have fibromyalgia. Part of the symptoms of that is having a body temperature thermostat that doesn’t work properly. I can be boiling when it is freezing and freezing when it is boiling. I know very bizarre.

  2. you look very comfy and cosy 🙂 I am quite lucky, as my summer hasn’t stopped yet. We left UK in August and came to Bali for a year. This A/W I am more concerned with bikinis than jumpers 🙂

  3. Oh I love your scarf. The burgundy sweater is gorgeous. I’ve always wondered why fashionistas only wear duller colours in this season too. I always love to throw in a pop of colour everyday too to beat the seasonal blues. x

  4. I like the sweater it has a smart casual feel to it and isn’t to plain Jane, great for a Christmas market drink x

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