OOTD: Autumn in Cheshire


Burgundy is one of my favourite colours and I know that is the same for many. Rocking a burgundy piece in autumn/winter is one of the coolest style things to do. There is something about wearing a burgundy piece that just ticks all the boxes for me. This sweater is no different. I knew I had to have it as soon as I laid eyes on it. I found the gold stud holes details so unique and stylish. It is also dead comfy for a chilly day. I can picture myself wearing the life out of this beautiful piece in the upcoming months.

Some people wonder why ‘fashionistas’ avoid wearing very bright colours during autumn/winter, and instead for ‘dull’ colours. I really can’t say why this happens. I guess people dress based on what they see in vogue in the stores, so fashion designers may be the best people to ask. I sometimes bright colours in autumn/winter, but I tend to go for monochrome, burgundy, khaki and similar colours during this season instead because it works for me.

The weather is getting really cold here in Cheshire, so I am keeping warm with layers. Everything I have on here has appeared on the blog before except the burgundy sweater. I got that some weeks ago at Cheshire Oaks Outlet, and as you can see it is a great complementary piece, that would fit nicely into any wardrobe.



What do you think of this look? How are you keeping warm this season? Do drop me a comment in the comment section below, let’s chat. I read and respond to all comments.





Burgundy Sweater – Guess

Black Leggings – Pertz Leggings

Blue Boots – Lunar Shoes

Black Sunnies – Marc Jacobs

Black Bag – Michael Kors

Monochrome Scarf – Henry Holland


Thanks for reading and have a lovely day.


OOTD: A Tartan Tunic Dress

OOTD: A Tartan Tunic Dress

Nothing Clothing Company Tunic

Hey peoples. Happy New Week, Thank God its Monday. I have a new outfit inspiration post for you. It is all about this tartan tunic long sleeve dress but the highlight is, I wore this dress differently. Instead of pairing with a pair of tights, I paired this beauty with a pair of jeggings because it was just too freaking cold for tights, and it worked.

Tartan Dress

Nothing Clothing Company Tartan Dress

I don’t about where you are, but right here in Cheshire and in Essex (was in Essex over the weekend), it has been painfully cold. I am talking -1ish. It is winter all of a sudden, and I am not sure how to cope with the sudden cold. Some people have even been lucky, and have seen some snow. I am still waiting here for the snow to make an appearance. I hope to be outfit and camera ready once it surfaces.

Anyways, back to the outfit, I love anything Tartan. I think it is a very pretty pattern and I think the dress is bang on trend. This dress is very light weight, but it did keep me warm, along with my very heavy winter coat, left behind the scenes.

I went all dark with the accessories and the jeggings. I was aiming for a complete stylish chic look and I think I nailed it. I will be wearing a lot of this dress this year. It looks like a great all year round dress.

OOTD A Tartan Dress

In other news, it is my birthday this week, yayyyy. I am super excited. It will be my last birthday in my twenties, and I can’t wait to celebrate. I have a couple of activities planned out, so I hope the weather behaves, lol, and if it doesn’t, I will just go with the flow.

Tartan Tunic Dress

OOTD Post FSP 22

What do you think of the tartan pattern? What do you think of the look? Drop me a comment, let’s chat.

Also, my giveaway to win an Agent Provocateur perfume is still on. It ends on the 27th, so take a look.

Thanks for reading. Happy Monday.


Tartan Tunic Dress – c/o Nothing Clothing Company

Jeggings – Jasper Conran

Boots – Lunar Shoes

Bag – Michael Kors




OOTD: Happy New Year

Happy New Year

Happy New Year guys. Welcome to 2016. I am super excited about the new year. I have huge things planned for the 2016, and I hope everything goes as planned, fingers and toes crossed. How are you celebrating the new year? I am pretty much indoors today with the rest of the fam, eating and merrying, I will lose the added weight later, lol….

As you can see, I have a new hairdo on. I am wearing Irresistible Me Royal Remy Clip In Hair Extensions. I reviewed this product some months ago, and this is my second time rocking it. It is a 10 piece set, and it looks and feels great, the only thing I would say is, make sure you add on at least 30 minutes extra to ‘your getting dressed routine’, especially if you are as slow as I am, when it comes to styling clip in hair extensions. However, I am still so in love with the natural look, even if it is a bit of a pain clipping them in every morning.

Fashion Outfit Post

Style Police

In other news, I thought about writing some blogging resolutions for the new year, like I did in the previous year, but I decided not to because:

  1. I rather have monthly and realistic goals I can monitor and achieve.
  2. I rather not publicize the goals for now, not to jinx them.

I have my January goals listed in a notepad already, and I will be keeping a close eye on them, wish me luck.


I was also thinking of getting a Blogger diary or organiser for the new year some days ago, but I have decided not to, and instead just go with a good old notepad, because the prices of the organisers I have seen are crazily expensive. I can’t justify spending £15 on a journal, so no, I will stick to my notepad like I have done all these years and see how it goes.

As for my outfit, I got this stylish poncho some weeks ago, and I have been waiting for the right time to wear it, and the day finally came. It was a cold windy day in London, and I didn’t feel like having a jacket on, but I still wanted to feel comfy and warm, and this poncho did just that. It felt dead warm in it, and it looked so stylish paired with an old sweater and skinny jeans. I adore this poncho, and I will be wearing the life out of it this season. It is one of my new favourite pieces because it is so easy to style, and with the shawl collar, you won’t be needing a scarf.

I got mine in S/M, and it is a great fit for a UK size 10.

FSP OOTD Happy New Year

Anyways I am off to celebrate the new year starting with some breakfast. How are you celebrating the new year?



Brown Marl Tessa Cable Knit Poncho – Joules

Red Sweater – Zara

Black Skinny Jeans – Jasper Conran

Blue Knee High Boots – Lunar Shoes

Gold/Brown Bag – Michael Kors

Blue Watch – ToyWatch


Have a great 2016.

Thanks for reading.



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