6 Habits Every Creative Should Have

Creatives are a special set of people. They do things in ways that the world sees as different. But in the “difference” they make sure that their creative works are unique.

As a creative, you need to constantly be on create-mode, coming up with brand new ideas, perspectives and insights everyday. But just like every creative thing we do have our down times, that’s why it’s important to cultivate habits that will keep creative spark up.




Here are 6 habits you should have as a creative:


  1. Get enough sleep

One of the common habits of creatives is that they can work for long hours without stopping. Time passes by without you knowing because you’re so engrossed with creating. For some creatives this could go on until the next morning.

Although there’s nothing wrong with working long and hard, not getting enough sleep will make you lose focus and sometimes leave you feeling uninspired. So the late nights can prove to be counter intuitive for creatives.

Fatigue can hamper your clarity of thought and that can stop you from efficiently brainstorming and reduce the rate at which you create unique pieces.

Try taking at least 5-8 hours of uninterrupted sleep. A good night’s sleep can get you feeling lively, alert and reinvigorated.


  1. Enrich your mind through reading

When you’re on create-mode, it’s natural for you to get carried away and forget to fill your mind with new ideas, concepts and creative works of others. One of the most effective ways to enrich and improve your knowledge on creative works and techniques is through reading.

Don’t stick to reading materials relating to your niche alone. Diversify your reading material by reading novels, books on psychology or any field other than the one you’re engaged in. This will help enhance your creative genius.


  1. Go for walks

Sometimes the most creative inspiration comes from engaging in therapeutic activities. Going on quiet contemplative walks inspires you with great ideas. In addition to this you also get a change to engage in physical activity which not only benefits your mind but also your body.

A 30-minute walk around the park or anywhere you’re surrounded by nature will do plenty of good for your creativity. This is because as you spend time walking you’ll see, hear and think about things that will inspire you.


  1. Start your day with a healthy breakfast

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Sadly so many people including creatives miss breakfast because they have to rush to work after a very long night or sleep through the morning such that they miss breakfast.

Eating healthy food as the first meal of the day will keep you happy and alert. A healthy diet can greatly affect your mood which can affect your creativity. I get very grumpy when I am hungry.

Commit yourself to eating a healthy breakfast every morning. Even if you had a late night, make it a point of duty to wake up early enough to grab some breakfast. This simple act will change your life for good.


  1. Think positively

It’s so difficult to be creative in a negative environment especially when you are depressed or weighed down by problems. Constantly reciting words of encouragement and affirmation to yourself can lift your spirits. When you’re in a good mood, you’re more in the flow. Thinking positively will make you feel more at ease with what you’re creating. You’ll also feel more confident with your abilities to develop your skills and think outside the box.


  1. Take time off to relax

This is the ultimate habit that creatives need to cultivate. As creatives we can get lost in our work that most times we forget to take a break.

You need to take time off to rest so that you can generate more creative ideas. Your mind works better when it is at ease and not overworked. Interestingly, the best ideas come when I am relaxing, about to snooze off, reading, in the shower or just lazing around.


Do you have a habit that helps your creativity? Please share in the comments section below.

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  1. These are really great tips! I’m working on being a novelist and my hubby is a music creative so it’s a creative home – but because we’re so serious about it and it’s our work, we forget to relax. Most time if we have any free time we’re working. Totally agree – if you don’t have downtime, your brain doesn’t work properly. Will try to follow your tips – I def need more sleep, better breakfasts, and more downtime!

  2. The sleep thing – definitely. The other challenge is getting over writers’ block when you sit down to write. Sometimes I find it helps to pretend you’re chatting to a friend and write the conversation down. I usually find I can extract a few useful point from that when I rewrite it. (If that makes sense!)

  3. I’m really not a creative person so I was hoping for some magical advice here… But I try to do most of these already haha! Maybe if I got more sleep…? 🙂

  4. I wish the sleeping & relaxing part was something I could do with a two year old haha!
    Unfortunately haven’t got enough sleep in years now HAHA!

    Love these though!
    I’d love to be able to do them all xo

  5. I love walks. They’re so great for clearing your mind. I can definitely relate to all these points. But I definitely work too much and don’t know how to relax. x

  6. I think I definitely need to sort these habits out! I’m currently sleeping too much because of low iron, but hopefully after seeing the doctor I can sort it out and get a healthy amount.

  7. These are great tips. Very helpful. I struggle every day to have a good sleep. Getting better now. I love the negativity aspect. It is not only affect your creativity, it affects your life as a whole. So run away from it.

  8. Sound advice. I can’t agree with you more about how creatives work long, late hours just being caught up in the process. It really can be difficult to incorporate these steps when you feel like you’re on a roll. Thank you for the reminder.

  9. I love these steps especially the healthy breakfast part. A lot of my life revolves around being creative even though I am still a college student. I actually just made a post about why breakfast is the most important meal of the day and some of my favorite meals to boost metabolism and wake up right up in the morning! I would love for you to check it out and let me know what you think!

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