How to Manage Natural Afro Hair

I have been keeping my natural hair for almost 2 years now, and the journey has been like a roller coaster ride. Some days, I get so sick and tired of the high maintenance nature of my natural afro hair, I feel like relaxing it. But then, I stop and remember why I decided to keep my hair natural, and that keeps me going.


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If you have been following my natural hair journey, you would know all about how unhealthy my hair was, which was the reason why I decided to keep my hair natural, free from chemicals.

My hair is now very healthy, and it is growing like weed, but it is so difficult to manage. Which is why I wear it in protective styles most times, and pop a wig on, which helps it grow.


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I have learnt many tricks and tips when it comes to managing my natural hair. I have a very coarse hair texture, so it is extremely difficult to manage my hair, but what works and what doesn’t.

Here are a few tips that work for my hair and may work for yours –


Moisturise everyday

I moisturise my hair everyday with water and Almond Oil in a spray bottle. I have a very dry scalp, and my hair tends to lose moisture very quickly, so using just water does not help. The Almond Oil helps soften my hair and retain moisture, which is great for my scalp and growth of my hair.


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Use a Deep Conditioner once a month

I use a deep conditioner once a month. This helps strengthen my hair, and leaves it shinning.

Use a Leave-in Conditioner

I use a Leave-in Conditioner everyday I have my afro out and twice a week when I have it in a protective style. It softens my hair, making it easy to manage, and it also helps in the growth.



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Haircare Picture


Wash every week

I wash my hair every week with Shea Moisture Shampoo and Conditioner. I make sure I leave the conditioner in for about 15 minutes before washing it out, which helps to soften my hair.


Wear my hair in protective styles to sleep

I never go to bed without putting my hair in a protective style, making sure to tuck in the tips.


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These tips have helped me in the pursuit of the Solange fro.

Do you have any tips or tricks that have worked for you to share? Please sound off in the comments section.

Thanks for reading and have a lovely day.



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  1. Carissima bel problema!!! Domare i capelli è un problema che coinvolge molte donne!! Se vai a visitare un mio post “Prendiamoci cura dei nostri capelli“ parlo di un prodotto miracoloso…dal nome Guisou….olio spettacolare a base di miele che applico ogni sera e mattina sulle punte!!! Non unge, non sporca….puoi tranquillamente metterlo a qualsiasi ora della giornata!! 🙂 penso possa aiutarti tantissimo xoxo

  2. Naturalista sister, your hair is very beautiful and your hair regimen is cool. I notice that a part of your hairline is thinning out. Please do something to grow it back. I actually wrote a post on “how to grow your hairline or edges back and causes of receding hairline”. You might take a look if you want to. Thanks for sharing your regimen.

  3. I av been natural for almost 3 years now I must say it not an easy task. I also have very coarse hair. Most often than not I wear my hair in cornrows and wigs 😂😂… Taking care of 4c hair is epic!

  4. I had really bad heat damaged hair so now I am trying to repair it so I know your pain. I use coconut oil all the time and also keracare and mizani products. I will be doing blogs related to hair care soon so be sure to check them out 😊

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