The Best Time to Freelance is Now

I always tell people how fortunate I am for being able to freelance. Ever since I decided to leave my 9-5, my life has changed for the better. I am able to do more with my life and be there for my family while making sure that all our needs are met.





Many people have come to embrace the laptop lifestyle of freelance writers. And once they made the shift, they never looked back. If you are contemplating going freelance, I would advise you to go for it! It is the best thing that ever happened to me.

Here is a list of the reasons why I would continue to freelance until I am old and grey.


You’re able to work from anywhere

The first thing you’d notice about working as a freelancer is that you are no longer restricted to a cubicle. This gives you a sense for freedom. You can literally take your work anywhere you go. From your favourite café down town, to the beautiful sandy beach in a magnificent resort, you can turn anywhere into your office. This is something that you don’t get to do in your 9-5.

You are your own boss

Instead of being an employee in someone else’s business, you have a business of your own. You determine your starting and closing time, the salary you give yourself and how much work you want to do. Being your own boss gives you a sense of control. You do not work under anyone and you are not subject the dictates of anyone.

You make the major decisions in your business and you can run your business the way you want to. The type of projects that you take up is at your discretion. You can choose the type of projects that you would like to work on. You also have the freedom to choose the clients you want to work with.



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Flexible working hours

Since you are your own boss and that you can work anywhere you want to, you also have control over the time you spend working. You’re the one who calls the shots on your own working hours. You can work the whole day if you so with or work all through the night. You can choose to work weekends or weekdays.

Being a freelancer gives you the opportunity to set your schedule. The flexible working time gives you a chance to spend time with the family and be there for them any time you wish. The means that you never have to miss your child’s dance recital or any special moments.

You determine your level of income

Unlike a brick and mortar institution, where you have to wait or work extremely hard to get a raise or earn a bonus, as a freelancer you are in charge of how much you earn. If you want to earn more money then you can either raise your rates, boost the levels of your sales or offer more services in order to get the income that you desire.


Are you a freelancer? How are you finding it?



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  1. I’m not a freelancer but would love to find some freelance work. I gave up the 9-5 in preparation for our move to Portugal, and while I don’t have to work (thanks hubby) I would like to contribute more than just doing the housework and looking after our son.

  2. I am currently looking at career options as i have finished my exams and working for myself sounds so appealing. I’d love the freedom to choose when and where to work so i really loved reading this post x

  3. I have wanted to do freelance on the side for a while now but I’m honestly just not sure where exactly to find freelance work. Any tips on that or how to build your WordPress following up even more?

  4. I have been wanting to go freelance for a while now but have no idea where to start. It really is a dream of mine to be able to work from home and be around for the kids. Maybe you could do a post on where to start, what places to look at to help start on our journey? Id love that.

  5. I do a lot of freelance work, it’s the only way I can work around the children whilst they are small and also it’s extra income doing a job I love.

  6. I guess my blogging is freelancing but I also have the security of my 3 other jobs which are part time.

  7. I am actually handing my notice in at work and I can’t wait to blog full time. It might be crazy as I am not financially stable but I would rather be happy than be in a job I don’t like!

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  9. Well I created a freelancer profile on . After a week or so, I got a project but the employer sende an email claiming that I have first to deposit an amount of 32$ USD for them. Is it the way things work or it’s an untrusted employer??

  10. I left my job to start my business and career as a freelance writer roughly two months ago. It’s been an incredible learning journey so far as I dive into writing all sorts of different content.

    I’m loving the opportunity to create something of my own and continuously learn each and every day.

    What is your advice for someone just starting out freelance writing? I’m struggling to find consistent work – most of my projects have come from UpWork so far.

    • Finding consistent work is the issue with freelancing. I find most of my work thanks to my blog, I am also very active on Twitter, that helps me too. I got a few from Upwork, so keep at that too. It gets easier. Good luck.

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