Decluttering the Home this Autumn

Today is the first day of October. Autumn is well and truly here. Our heating just came up for the first time since last winter, so the chill is definitely in the air. I have been seriously thinking of decluttering the home this autumn. I am thinking of doing some minor redecorating, and I need to let a few things go. There are also a few minor home repairs that need to be done in time for winter.

I have been online searching for the right people to get the job done. I recently came across Rocburn – The Window Opener Specialist, and I will most likely be contacting at some point to get a quote.



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However, before I get into the repairs, I need to get the house decluttered. Clutter gives me a headache, so the junk has to go. Once the unwanted items go, I have the space to breathe and think of what to do with the space I have.

I have 3 categories for everything we got, and each item has to fit into a category.



Anything worth keeping will be kept. Majority of my items fall into this category which is a good thing. It means I buy just what I need, and not just anything. Having said that, I will be very brutal with this pile. I will be keeping only items I am sure I will be using.



All items that wouldn’t be kept but in a good condition, would be sold or should I say, I would attempt to sell on eBay. I have not listed items to sell on eBay in ages, but I am hoping to find the time and get my selling mojo back. I also wish eBay could make the listing process a lot easier for us sellers.


Give to Charity

I have 3 charity bags ready to go as I type this post, and I would have more by the end of the month. I am forever giving away stuff to charity shops and I enjoy doing so. It is my way of giving back and it helps to declutter my home. What more could a girl ask for?


I plan to sort out piles this week, so I starting with a bang tomorrow. Wish me luck! Are you decluttering the home this autumn? What are your decoration/repair plans for autumn? Please sound off in the comments section, let’s chat.


Thanks for reading, commenting and sharing. Have an awesome week.


*Collaborative post.

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  1. Done ours over spring/summer. It had to be a staggered declutter as my husband can’t help cos of his health issues. I also have health issues though b2ot as serious however I had to do it in stages.

    The whole upstairs was decluttered and sorted over the space of 4 months. Also we were moving into the now master bedroom which my lads had together. We have 3 lads and 1 daughter. Only 1 son at home now. The other 3 have done with the boomeranging back and forth home and firmly setted in there own homes so all change here.

    Been a massive job as my hub is s bit of a hoarder. Not anymore he isn’t. Zero tolerance on clutter now I am not a hoarder. I am a minimalist.

    Ours has been disposed of between recycle bins/black bins/scrapman/charity shop and finally a bulky clearance paid for off the council.

    Decorating this winter will be 1 bedroom, hall stairs and landing and bathroom.

    A word of warning as the majority wont know this. We stored black bin liners for normal bins that wouldnt go in the black bin all in one week at the front of our property by the black bin.

    Please don’t do this: to cut a very long story short someone came on our property, clearly at night, took some of the bags, and then dumped them near a school.

    Quite rightly someone called the council. As careful as I was with throwing out, something got in there by accident proved our address. We received a letter about fly tipping from the council.

    We had to go in and make a statement. Fortunately I had a chain of events, proof it wasn’t us, proof of rubbish being collected at our expense etc for what we couldnt dispose of and as I told them “if I was going to fly tip I wouldnt be do stupid as to dump something with our name and addy in”

    Fortunately they did not press charges which we found out they could of. Whilst waste is on your property even if you haven’t dumped it it is still your responsibility if taken off yoir property. It was a stressful full days. I also for transparency had to report it to the police to get a crime number as it was classed as theft even though it was rubbish.

    Just thought I would let you know that as most don’t realise it so take care with what and where you leave stuff outside. They told us skips were the worst for people taking stuff from and dumping what they didn’t want. Most people have skips at some stage be warned as I wouldn’t want anyone to go through what we did

    • Oh my! I definitely didn’t think that could happen. Thanks for the warning. Good they didn’t press charges.

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