4 Ways to Conquer Clutter

Who hates clutter? I know I do. It makes me feel very dizzy if I am being honest.

Clutter is a major problem for most of us. At a point in our lives, we most likely have to deal with clutter, especially when we start growing our family. To be clear, clutter is bad. It takes up all available space and you never know for sure what you have because it is most likely all buried under a pile somewhere. Which causes wastage because you end up duplicating lots of what you have already because you can’t find. And that leads to more clutter.


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So how do we sort out the clutter issue? Here are a 4 tips you will definitely find handy –


More storage

If possible, get some more storage in your home. This way, you have some more extra space to play around with, pending when the clutter is sorted. You could start with a shed if you can, or you could increase your space with a DIY Conservatory. Whichever way you can, try to get increase your storage options in your home to sort out the clutter.


Get organised

Have a good look at all what you have and get rid of anything you don’t need. So for clothes, if you haven’t worn a piece of clothing in a year, get rid of it. You could give it away to charity or sell the items if they are still in a good condition. If the item is not good enough to give charity or to sell, then you need to bin it.

You need to be a little ruthless when doing this task, no room for sentiments or else you will still be left with some clutter.


Stop buying

While the decluttering is going on, you need to only buy what you need. So no shopping for unnecessary stuff until the clear out is done. This way you get to discover what you definitely need and what you don’t. And avoid wasting your hand earned money on items you have already but can’t see.



Recycle as many items as you can. I always make sure I send any furniture or home equipment I won’t be needing to our local recycle centre. It is my own way of taking care of the environment, and it makes me feel good.


How do you sort out your clutter? Please share your tried and tested tips.

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  1. Can’t stand it. Won’t have it. I dont let it build up. Last year though we were doing change of bedrooms. Now my husband a bit of a horder. I really had to put my foot down.

    Now we have moved room I insist he goes through his side and cupboards monthly so we dont get like that again in his side. The rubbish was unbelievable he had kept over 15 years in this house. Old boxes, broken headphones and so on. Bags and bags of stuff went out. Why just why?

    It was sorted to recycle bins, paper, card, plastic, tin etc. Metal was put for the scrapman, charity shop, old broken electrical like cameras were bagged up and taken to Currys who have to take that sort of stuff in for free and send off for recycle As little as possible was binned. It was a mega task I am in no hurry to ever repeat

  2. I am on a massive decluttering mission and am currently using the “does it bring you joy” mantra…if it doesn’t give me joy it goes! I have got rid of quite a few big bags to the charity shop this way over the last couple of weeks.

  3. I try to get everyone (inlcuding me) to stop buying and twice a year I have a massive purge through the whole home where everyone grips their belongings very tightly as they know I am on a mission!!!

  4. Gosh we have so much clutter I think its as we are out growing our home though and need a bigger family home rather than a flat.. storage is so important we make sure we have places to put all ours son’s toys as he has lots of them. I do however go through our stuff regularly and get rid of things we no longer use or need.

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