5 Fashion Pieces I Hate

So these 5 fashion pieces I hate post has been a long time coming. I can eat and drink fashion and style. Dressing up makes me feel alive, confident and empowered. I enjoy playing dress up and my daughter does too! I guess the apple does not fall too far from the tree eh?



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There are a few fashion pieces I don’t like, and there are some that I do have a love/hate relationship with. Here are a few of the fashion pieces I hate.


Harem pants

There was a time in the 80’s when harem pants were very popular. Years later they found their way back and are now in vogue kind of. Many women love them. They are comfortable and give a different perspective to style. I can’t stand them. They remind me of Aladdin! I don’t like the style of them at all, and I think it looks weird.


High-waist jeans

Apart from being really fashionable, high-waist jeans are a lifesaver for many women, especially those who don’t have really long legs. They help to elongate their legs and give people the impression that their proportions were well-distributed. Having said that, I am not a fan of high-waist jeans at all, and that is why I have none in my wardrobe. They remind me of mom jeans and I do not like those either. Plus I don’t think this fashion piece would do anything for my body shape.


Strapless tops and dresses

On those very hot summer days, strapless tops and dresses help us stay cool and look trendy at the same time. Now, I have a love and hate relationship with strapless tops and dresses. I admire them on others. I think they look good, depending on the design. But I rather go for pieces with straps. I just feel more comfortable and secure having the straps on.


Crop Tops

Even when I had a very flat belly, I was never a fan of crop tops. I found them very childish and not befitting. I do admire crop tops on others sometimes, but it is not a fashion piece I can ever see myself wearing.


Shapeless long dresses

Maxi dresses are lovely and very comfortable fashion pieces. They can make us look taller and feel really elegant in them, but I find them unflattering and shapeless. I feel them swallow me up!


What do you think of these fashion pieces I hate? Is there any piece you hate here? Please share your thoughts in the comments section below.


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  1. I like long dresses but they often seem too long for shorter women and crop tops are a definite no, my stomach just isn’t flat enough these days! I get annoyed about all the skinny trousers out there at the moment, would love to wear them but don’t have the figure alas! 😀

  2. I seriously disagree with high-rise jeans, as they are the only jeans that I will wear (I cannot stand low-rise. They at least have to be mid-rise), but I agree with everything else.

  3. I hate crop tops! Just looking at them makes me feel fat lol. But I do love harem pants, they are so comfortable (especially after you’ve popped out a couple of kids). Harem pants are basically a wardrobe staple here in Australia during spring and summer, they’re great for going from to the beach to the bar x

  4. I loved the idea of Harem pants, but I saw sense and realised they will probably look very silly, for once I put fashion above comfort and didnt buy any!

  5. Great that you’d have the nerve to go against what is said to be fashionable now. You have an independant mind and a clever too because you’re right, these 5 styles are not going well with your personal style . And this is the most important! 👏👏

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