10 Summer Holiday Fashion Essentials for Mums

Mums have special needs when it comes to staying stylish in the summer. As a mum your outfit and accessories have to be functional especially when you’re out and about taking care of the kids. Considering the heatwave, picking the right outfits that are ideal for motherly duties can be tricky. Fortunately, there are a lot of versatile pieces that fit those criteria and are weather friendly. If you’re a mum, then these 10 summer holiday fashion essentials are just for you.


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  1. Linen pieces

Linen is perfect for the heatwave so make linen your material for the summer. Pieces made from linen help to keep you cool despite the heat. Go for a pair of linen trousers and pair them with a simple blouse or t-shirt and remain cool throughout the day.


  1. Fitting shorts

Who says mums can’t wear shorts? Although the most popular shorts are either ripped or designed, it’s better to go for nice plain coloured fitting shorts. They are comfy and they go well with a fun slogan tee and a pair of sandals.


  1. Maxi dresses

Maxi dresses are a must-have this summer. There’s nothing as flattering as a lightweight and flowy maxi dress. It’s not only stylish and very feminine, it’s also perfect when you’re taking care of the kids.  Opt for polka dots, floral print or striped maxi dresses to add some fun and colour. Style the maxi dress with a classic wide-brimmed hat on those very sunny days and simple accessories to add some glam to the ensemble.


  1. Versatile t-shirts

Stock your closet with t-shirts that work with almost every bottom whether a pair of jeans, shorts or a flowy skirt. T-shirts usually require little or no thought. As a mum t-shirts make it really easy to put an outfit together especially when you’re busy looking after the kids.


  1. Sandals with straps

This summer you want to stay as comfortable as possible under the oppressive heat. Sandals will give you that extra comfort and also keep you cool and free. Sandals can come in different styles, but the most ideal pair for busy moms are the sandals with straps. That will make sure your sandals stay on all day.


  1. Statement earrings

Bold and fun earrings are wonderful for the summer. Go for earrings with bright colours and large beads or stones.  A rule of thumb when choosing your earrings is to select a pair that complements the colours of your outfit. So use your outfit to inspire your choice of earring.


  1. Lighter washed jeans

Jeans are a staple for every season. They go with almost any top, whether it’s a t-shirt or a blouse. However, make sure you go for lighter washed jeans. They are ideal for the hot weather. Avoid dark coloured jeans this summer as they attract more heat.



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  1. Layer necklaces

Who says you should only wear one necklace on your outfits? Layering a short necklace over a longer one helps to give balance to your outfit. It looks elegant and keeps the vibe happy and fun. Perfect for the summer!


  1. Shopper tote

Although there are a lot of handbags, nothing adds to the summer vibe like the shopper tote bag. As a mum you have to have a bag that is able to fit toys for the kids, sunscreen and maybe some snacks for the kids. A shopper tote bag is able to keep all those things and more, plus it’s fashionable. Just the perfect bag for every mum.


  1. Tortoiseshell sunglasses

Tortoiseshell sunglasses are a classic and work well for mums. They not only shield your eyes from the rays of the sun, they are quite fashionable too. Irrespective of the shape of your face, tortoiseshell sunglasses suit every face. That makes them easy to just pick on your way out.


Do you have any summer holiday fashion essentials for mums to share?

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  1. Great post Stella! I love maxi dresses. So easy to wash and wear. Comfortable, easy to put on and not a face with the hot weather. I love to wear them in the stretch material. For me it’s ease of wear and cool so not tight pieces.

    Forget jeans atm. I do have a few pairs of three quarters soft jean material pull ons that are lightweight and easy to wear.

    T-shirts are a must. I like plain t-shirts as I have alot of flowery bottom halves so they are a wardrobe staple that can be bought cheaply and in many colours. I picked up 3 yesterday for £12 in the sale. T-shirts don’t last material wise so the cheaper the better for me. I love my bargains and sale goods.

    I use everything for a fiver online for shoes and sandals hence I have alot of both 🙂

    Plenty of hair accessories too are needed for getting your hair up out of the way in various up do’s

  2. I love your flowery pencil skirt, very pretty and flattering. Great tips as always, I find the summer the most difficult to work out what to wear. I do love my maxi dresses thought, they hide a multitude of sins!

  3. Maxi dresses are a must for me and I can’t go anywhere without my statement earrings. All 10 items are essential for me as well.

  4. Well I know I am not the intended audience of this article but having lived my life without labels and stereotypes I do enjoy pushing boundaries in Adam Lambert ways. For me the Washed/Stoned jeans, statement jewellery (for any body parts – ears, neck, nose, wrists) are a must. I cannot be enough thankful to the worn-out look in the day’s fashion as I love wearing things that are just enough to cover yet I feel free. Being official aussieBum aficionado, I even value style from outside to inside dressing and so far have only 143 pairs and growing. Sorry to digress but your articles always #INSPIRE the little fashionista in me! You are GOOD!!!!

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  6. A fantastic blog indeed, everyone strives to keep themselves comfortable at summers, the sun is usually at its peak and there is a need of comfortable yet light clothes. I also used to stick to the items you have mentioned in this blog. I usually prefer wearing t-shirts in the summers along with a great sun screen, these can really help in keeping yourself cool as well as it protects you from the brutal heat. It is a really nice blog, i liked reading it. Thanks

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