3 Benefits of drinking more water this autumn

I have been drinking more water in the last few weeks. The weather is up and down at the moment but the chill is definitely in the air. Drinking more water in the autumn/winter months can be tricky. This is because the weather is getting colder so we are more likely to find ourselves opting for hotter drinks. But I have been making a conscious effort to drink more water. And thanks to my SIGG Hot & Cold Glass Bottle, this has been very easy.


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This SIGG Hot & Cold Glass Bottle is amazing. I have the bottles in red and aqua and I love them a lot. The design is great. The bottles are made from heat-resistant borosilicate glass. Each bottle comes with double layers which provide an improved insulation effect. I like the fact that this bottle works with both hot and cold drinks. That saves me carrying 2 bottles around. The bottle keeps drinks hot for 1 hour and cold for 2 hours.


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Drinking more water this autumn won’t be a problem with this Sign Hot & Cold Glass Bottle. For those who are wondering what the benefits of drinking more water this autumn are, this post is for you.


Get the autumn glow

Drinking water is the easiest way to get your skin glowing. Good hydration makes every system work better including your skin. So drinking more water this autumn would benefit your skin. If you cannot afford to invest in great skincare, ensure you need the required amount of water everyday. Your skin would thank you for it.


You would lose weight

Having a glass of water before a meal would help you eat less, since thirst is often mistaken for hunger. So if you are looking to lose a few pounds this season. A glass before a meal would help you drop some weight.


No belly bloat

One way to ensure you keep your belly bloat in check is to drink more water. It sounds crazy but keeping your body hydrated would keep belly bloat away.


How do you plan to drink more water this season? What do you think about these SIGG Hot & Cold Glass Bottles?


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