How to get yourself to drink more water

Good health is wealth and water is life. I know all these but I must confess, I am not a big water drinker. I rather drink coke tea, cappuccino and juices, and any other drink than water. When I was pregnant with my twins, I drank more water in those 9 months than I drank all my life prior to my pregnancy. I didn’t want to have caffeine in me and I only felt like drinking water, which was so weird but good for our health.

After my pregnancy, I started taking other drinks but it was nothing like how it was before. I swapped some of my caffeine and sugary drinks, for some extra glasses of water, and I have managed to continue doing that. However, I would still like to drink more water. I don’t drink as many glasses of water as I should br drinking, so I need to work on that. I have found a few tricks to help me drink more water. Here are some of them.


Get a fancy bottle

Having a fancy water bottle like this Ion8 Leak Proof Slim Water Bottle, means I get to drink more water. It is the right size, very easy to carry around and it looks great too. What is there not to like?


Water bottle image


This water bottle also comes in various colours, so you can go for the colour you like. It works with both hot and cold drinks. It also has a soft feel for grip & carry strap, fits any cup holder or kid’s backpack. You can grab it on Amazon for £9.99 only.


Always have water with you

A good way of ensuring you drink the right amount of water everyday is to always have water with you, that way you will find yourself drinking more water unconsciously.

Another great water bottle to try is this BRITA Fill and Go Vital Water Filter Bottle BPA Free Includes 1 Microdisc Lasting 150 Litres, Blue, 600 ml. 


Water bottle picture


If you struggle to drink water when out and about, this Brita Fill and Go will help you drink more water. It transforms tap water into great tasting, freshly filtered BRITA water. This bottle is so handy to have around especially when travelling. I will be taking this bottle with me on my next trip.

You can grab this now on Amazon for £11.08. The original RRP is £23.94, so hurry while the offer is still on.


Stay active

Being active would dehydrate you, which means you would need more drinks. So ensure you stay active and fit to get you drinking. It is super easy to stay active. Go for a walk instead of catching the bus, or get off the bus a few stops before you stop, so you can get your steps in. You can also exercise from home if that suits you more. There are loads of fitness videos available on line, that would surely get you gasping for breath.


How do you ensure you take the right amount of water everyday? Please share your secrets.


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  1. Water I need to drink a lot of every day or else I become ill quite fast. I have found having my own bottle I fill up and carry around works well, and I just need to remember to drink four of them every day minimum

  2. It’s hard to always stick with it but if something makes me thirsty (being outside in dry air but more an allergy medicine does) and I drink a lot of water, it becomes a habit/almost addicting. If committed, I’m sure just by starting out drinking a lot of water for a few days can lead to the same habit without an allergy medicine making you thirsty first. It does become habit and addicting.
    also buying bottled water in glass bottles because it’s so ice cold it’s hard not to love it.
    And lemon packets for people that hate the taste of plain water.

  3. I notice a real difference in my energy levels and my skin it I don’t drink enough water. I always drink loads at home, but not so easy when I am out and about with the children. I have a big reusable water bottle but often find I’m so busy running around after them, I forget about me!

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