Mother’s Day Gift with Under Lucky Stars

Hello everyone. How are you all doing? The weather has been crazy in Cheshire these last couple of days, with the Beast from the East and Storm Emma creating the worst winter in decades. The good news is that the weather is finally settling down where I am at. And it is gradually getting warmer too, which is amazing. I hope there is a bit of calm where you are.

Mother’s Day is only a few days away and I am super excited. I am hoping to do nothing this weekend, except putting my feet up and being spoilt rotten. God knows I need it after this crazy week.

I love giving and receiving special personalised gifts. I find them really thoughtful and they usually last for years and years. My mother received a personalised light box last year for Mother’s Day and I love looking at it. It is one home decor I can never be tired of seeing, and that is the power of personalised gifts. They are unique and will have a place in our hearts forever because they serve a purpose.

In my hunt for this year’s Mother’s Day gift, I stumbled upon Under Lucky Stars, and was blown away by the brand’s personalised star maps. As a lover of personalised gifts and interior decor, these star maps tick both boxes, so they naturally caught my eye instantly.


Under Lucky Stars Picture



Under Lucky Stars

Under Lucky Stars was founded in 2016 in Barcelona, Spain, and is the first of its kind. The brand makes stunning designed star maps that show the unique alignment of the stars in a place and time chosen by you. So it can serve as a great gift for many occasions – birthdays, engagements, weddings, Valentine’s Day, Christmas, adoption dates and of course Mother’s Day.

It is a great way of adding some meaning to a living space in form of a gift, and I love the star charts idea behind it. This is one timeless gift that will surely put a smile on the faces of many.


Mother's Day Gift Picture


The Personalised Bit

Under Lucky Star maps are currently available in two sizes: 18 x 24 inches (457 x 609 mm) and 24 x 36 inches (609 x 914 mm). There is the option to add your title and footnote. You can also select from 9 different designs to and you can also personalise the Frames.

The best part of it all is that the brand ships worldwide too. Isn’t that great?


Star charts picture


I think these star maps would make excellent gifts for Mother’s Day. I love the uniqueness of these custom star maps. What do you think of them? Please share your thoughts in the comments section.


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Four Wardrobe Essentials to Buy in Spring

As we’re approaching Spring and Summer, you might be thinking of ways to update your wardrobe and what pieces to buy first. A great way to get ready for Spring and Summer is to buy some accessories that can carry you right through from those early Spring mornings to the end of Summer. With the British weather being its usual unpredictable self, you might even reach for these things a little earlier than expected!



Sunglasses Image

Useful all year round, not just Spring and Summer however there are usually more options available in Spring. So it’s a good time to invest in a new pair. There are so many styles available, taking the time to find a pair that suit you, so you feel comfortable in them is key. If you require prescription glasses, then take some time to investigate getting prescription sunglasses. They are handy for switching it up in Summer. There are plenty of offers on from designers to high street to there’s something to suit everyone’s style and budget.



Swimwear Essentials Picture


This is something you should think about buying early on as all the best styles and pieces tend to sell out fast. Plus you don’t want to be left in that dreaded scenario where it’s a week before you leave, and you can’t find anything you feel good in. There are some beautiful printed swimsuits on offer for the upcoming seasons. So why not choose something eye-catching to mix things up! Alternatively, if prints aren’t your thing there are some great mix and max pieces available, so you can get creative with your bikini options too.


Top it off with a hat

It will soon be time to leave the winter hats behind and embrace something a little more suitable for Summer. It can take a little time to find the style to suit you. But it’s important to have one throughout the Summer months, so time well spent. Not only are hats important for protecting us against the sun, they can really add that something extra to an outfit and great for hiding those days your hair doesn’t want to be tamed! You don’t need to spend a lot of money here, there are some fab options on the high street that can work well.


The Summer Bag

Last year saw the trend of the straw bag and it doesn’t look like that’s going to change this year. Already, there are plenty straw bags making their way into the shops. A good way to invest in this trend is to look out for a cross body style. It is perfect for Summer getaways or city escapes as you can throw them on and go. If you’re considering investing in this trend, there’s no need to spend too much money. There are so many great budget options available. With plenty of different styles and colours available, you can play around with adding colour with your Summer bag to make your outfit pop and stand out.


Have you started shopping for spring wardrobe essentials?


*Collaborative post


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