YouTube Channels the Kiddies are Watching

In our house, we are an online television family. We love watching YouTube Channels and Netflix. We would be lost without this sort of entertainment. The kids have the YouTube kids app downloaded on their tablets. They watch all sorts of educational and fun videos on YouTube but they have some favourite channels.


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Here are some of the channels the kiddies are watching on YouTube.


Ryan ToysReview

My kids love this channel run by Ryan and his family. The kids both adore Ryan and all what he reviews. They stumbled on his channels sometime ago and they watch him every time they are on YouTube. To be fair, I can see why they find his channel so interesting, it is full of quality videos kids would definitely enjoy. No wonder he has over 12 million subscribers.


CKN Toys

CKN Toys channel is another YouTube channel run by a kid based in Australia. The kiddies love this channel. It is filled up with various toy reviews, from Paw Patrol to PJ Masks. They enjoy watching the little boy’s creative reviews, and can spend hours doing that if I let them.


Jolly Phonics

My preschoolers are currently learning to read, so they are naturally very interested in books, writing and spelling. They have also taken to learning the phonics which is great. They know all the phonics already thanks to some very helpful videos on YouTube. There are so many phonics videos on YouTube and they watch all of them.



The kiddies are also obsessed with Alphablocks. They love the Cbeebies spelling app on their tablets and they also enjoy watching the videos on YouTube. I think they are very educational and also entertaining. The kids learn spelling and phonics in a musical fun way, which is great.


Come Play With Me

This YouTube channel became a hit in my house some weeks ago. The kids have taken to this little girl’s channel. They enjoy hearing the different voices she puts on in her role play. I think they find her quite entertaining, and  I can see why. Her videos feature famous characters such as: queen Elsa of Arendelle, princess Anna from the Disney’s movie Frozen, Elsa and Anna toddlers, Olaf, and others.


English Tree TV

This is currently my son’s favourite channel. He adores English Tree TV. The channel features fun, catchy videos teaching kids alphabets and nursery rhymes. It is fab for toddlers and babies.


Just so you know, my twins are 4 years old, and these are the YouTube videos that currently interest them. Have you heard of these videos before?Do your kids watch any of them?








Fashion and Style Police Reviews MEMI

I came across MEMI some weeks ago and I am so in love with the brand already. For those who have not heard of this makeup brand, it is a luxury affordable makeup British brand, with some really amazing products. I had the golden opportunity to try out a few makeup products from the brand and I cannot wait to tell you all about them.


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MILLENNIAL Eyeshadow Palette (£22 for 18g)

This amazing MILLENNIAL Eyeshadow palette by MEMI features 12 beautiful rich matte and shimmer finish shades. It is a very handy palette; you could just take away for weekend or holiday to create different looks. I am so in love with mine.

MEMI Eyeshadow palettes come in three striking versions ‘Creative Control’, ‘Matt Muse’ and ‘Millennial’.





  1. The palette is such a beauty. The silver packaging is compact and easy on the eyes.
  2. I love the fact that there are 12 different shades in it. The mixture of rich matte and shimmer finish is also amazing.
  3. The price tag at £22 is very affordable.
  4. The colours are super easy to blend.
  5. It is cruelty free and vegan.
  6. The shades are long-lasting.


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Perfecting Radiance Primer (£16 for 30ml)

This MEMI Perfecting Radiance Primer is formulated with skin replenishing ingredients to blur imperfections. It is one of the best primers I have used in a long time. For those who are not sure on how to use primers, you apply them first before you apply your foundation makeup.


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  1. I love the compact pump it comes in. It looks good and it is easy to apply.
  2. I really like the radiant finish.
  3. It does  not feel heavy on the face. It is quite light weight.
  4. The price tag is budget friendly.
  5. It is cruelty free and vegan.
  6. A little goes a long way. One pump is all you need.
  7. It restores skin elasticity and repairs damaged skin at the same time.


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MEMI Glow Up Radiance Highlighter (£15 for 6.8g)

This silky MEMI Glow Up Radiance Highlighter powder builds and blends brilliantly. It is made from iridescent pearl pigments and light reflecting particles. MEMI Radiance Highlighter powder comes in six flattering shades – Glow Up, Wild Child, Hot in Here, Dreamer, Lemon Drops and Euphoria.


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  1. It is long-lasting; stays on all day.
  2. I love the chic compact packaging. I think it is so pretty.
  3. It is quite affordable, and good value for money.
  4. It is cruelty free and vegan like the others.


  1. I found it too heavy to wear so I apply it very lightly.



MEMI Date Night Satin Luxe Lipstick  (£12 for 3.8g)
This MEMI Date Night Satin Luxe Lipstick is a beautifully creamy and translucent lipstick. The range comes in four sophisticated shades. It is velvety, lightweight formula that glides on smoothly to offer both nourishment and colour.
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  1. I love the bold colour. It suits my skin tone perfectly.
  2. I love the cute sleek packaging. It screams quality.
  3. It is a long-lasting shade.
  4. This is cruelty free and vegan.
  5. The price tag is budget friendly.


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I love all the MEMI makeup products here. They are good quality, definitely worth every penny and they suit my skin. Have you tried any of these products?


*PR samples.






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