Why I Left My Customer Service Job

Before I became self-employed, I did various customer service jobs. It was over the phone, so it was ok for me at that time, as I prefer dealing with customer over the phone than  face to face confrontation customer service. I was a customer service agent for well over 4 years, and it was hard. But it paid my bills and kept me busy, so it was all good.

Back then, I always knew I wanted more. The customer service job  was not mentally stimulating enough. It became a chore. The pay wasn’t great and the hours were very long. I even hard to work on some weekends, which I didn’t like much. Plus, I hated it when I had difficult customers or cases to deal with, and that was on a daily basis, making my life even harder.

I have been on both sides of the fence; as a customer service agent and customer. So I know the frustrations of working in a noisy call centre, with complicated systems and absent supervisors. Which is why I try to be extra patient and tolerant when dealing with customer service agents.

I recently came across an infographic done by the guys at CCSN which I found quite interesting. Here is the infographic below.


Customer service image


I agree with all the information on this infographic. For me, excellent customer service means –


I am not kept waiting

I called my phone company the other day and I was on the queue waiting to be answered for almost an hour. That to me is just madness. I like it when my call is answered immediately or within a few minutes. That is my definition of excellent customer service. Keeping customers waiting for hours is totally unacceptable.


There are other contact options

I like handling my business online so calling a call centre is usually my last resort. I rather send an email or do what I have to do online. Good customer service would provide other contact options for their customers to make use of. As a full-time blogger, I spend majority of my waking hours online, so I rather so out my utilities and anything else that needs sorting online too.


My query is dealt with quickly

The whole small talk thingy confuses me. Why would I want to talk about the weather when dealing with a dodgy broadband service?

I hated small talk as a customer service agent and I hate it as a customer too. It makes no sense to me. I just don’t have the time or the desire to engaged in meaningless chitchat when I call a company. Excellent customer service to me means my query is dealt with quickly and properly.


I am not passed around

Being passed from department to department pisses me off. Most times I end up ending the call in frustration. This usually happens when I am unlucky enough to speak with clueless customer service agents.


To be frank, good customer service isn’t rocket service. It simply means putting the customer first in all decisions. If companies put their customers first, they will have happy customers and employees.


What is your definition of excellent customer service? Please sound off in the comments section.


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Making Time for Mom this Sunday

Just in case you’ve managed to miss the fact it’s Mother’s Day this Sunday, this article looks at the importance of making time for Mom. It shouldn’t just be another commercial gimmick that the supermarkets promote. It should be a day of authentic appreciation for the person that brought you into the world.


Goals Image


How the Mother’s Day celebration started

Unfortunately, just like Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day has become a commercialised event highlighted on every retailer’s calendar.  That said, when the day was first created by Anna Jarvis, in 1908, it was in an attempt to honour motherhood. The only commercialisation was a simple flower in one’s jacket.  Today, we have a plethora of gift ideas to choose from including the traditional flowers and chocolates to the less traditional ice watches and even hi-tech equipment such as iPhones.

Maybe, somewhere along the way, we have lost the essence of Mother’s Day.  Mother’s Day which is about showing appreciation and valuing the person that brought you into the world. Rather than the fancy giftswhich is why this article is going to suggest a somewhat different approach.


Mother’s Day yearly celebrations began

Following the initial success of the day, Anna Jarvis resolved to see the holiday added to the national calendar. She argued that American holidays were biased towards the male gender. She wrote numerous letters to newspapers and prominent politicians urging the adoption of a day to honor motherhood. By 1912, many states had adopted the day as an annual holiday.

Initially conceived as a day of personal celebration between mothers and families, her idea was to wear a white carnation as a symbol and to visit one’s mother. But once it had become a national holiday, gift companies jumped on the bandwagon and turned into something much more similar with what we have today.


autumn skincare products image


In 1920, Jarvis became disgusted by how commercialised Mother’s Day had become and publicly discouraged people from buying the flowers and cards.  She went on a crusade, speaking out against confectioners and florist. In the process, she launched a number of lawsuits against groups that had used the name “Mother’s Day”. In her later years, spent most of her wealth in legal fees.  


Other ways to say I love you Mom this  Mother’s Day

Of course, there’s something about the natural beauty and fragrant essence of a flower that lifts people’s spirits, and in consideration of the fact many of us have aging parents who spend a lot of their time indoors – bringing the vibrancy of spring into their home is a beautifully uplifting treat.  

However, rather than rush out to Interflora, perhaps you could go into nature and pick some flowers with your own bare hands. Most of the time, what mothers really appreciate is effort not expense. 

The standard dining in a restaurant experience on Mother’s Day can feel a little staged and awkward. However, throwing a wonderful garden party (particularly if you have young children), presuming we’re not inundated with snow again, can be a great way to celebrate the spirit of family and connection.

Instagram update image


A further idea, could be to have a barbecue in your back garden and cook her favourite meats with a variety of freshly prepared salads and squeezed fruit juice. Or for an even more noteworthy treat, you could take her to her favourite spot in nature and have a little picnic set-up.

If you’re thinking of a gift rather than an experience, putting together a handmade memory book can be a very well received gift.  Sometimes keeping happy memories alive can be hard. Which is why keeping them safe in something like a memory book is a great idea; particularly for ageing parents.  


Memorable gift ideas for Mother’s Day

There are few things nicer to receive than a collage of treasured memories. Because not only does it show that these moments are meaningful to you, it also gives you both a chance to reminisce. In addition to photographs, make sure you keep old tickets, receipts, or packing from magical moments and keep them all together in a safe place until you go ahead and make your scrapbook. Another nice touch, is to include a few written stories that describe a fond memory or feeling you felt in that particular moment. Everyone likes to feel special and significant; this is a very meaningful way to provide that.

Essentially, we all want the people that mean something to us to feel special and appreciated. Oftentimes, we will go with expensive and elaborate gifts to express that. But sometimes these miss the mark, as whilst many people appreciate expensive gifts a lot more prefer a more thoughtful and handmade item that offers a personal touch aligned with Anna Jarvis’ original Mother’s Day concept, rather than the commercialised bandwagon it has turned into.


Final words

In summary, the basic premise is that Mother’s Day doesn’t have to be a commercial gimmick; it can just be a time to genuinely make time for your mom. Aim to keep it authentic and focused on what actually matters – her experience. Make it personal and meaningful by doing something tailored to her unique tastes and interests.

Of course, if you are far away and unable to visit, sending some flowers or chocolates is always going to be welcomed. But it can leave something left to be desired, as what people really want on Mother’s Day is to feel close to their family and to be appreciated.


What are your thoughts on this? Please share them in the comments section below.


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Items to Include in a Mother’s Day Hamper

Mother’s Day is almost here and I have been thinking about what gifts I would get on the day. I have also been thinking about how I would spend the day. If you are thinking of giving a Mum a Mother’s Day Hamper, with affordable items in it, here are some products you may want to include in it. They are all less than £50.


Button & Wilde Body Lotion and Body Wash

Button & Wilde is a luxury brand that specialises in bath and body products you can personalise. These Tarocco Orange & Nutmeg Body Lotion and Body Wash are amazing skincare products. And you even have the option of personalising each product to make it more special.

These skincare products would look great in a Mother’s Day Hamper. And if the Mum in question loves luxury skincare products, then these beauties would make her day even more special.

Mother's Day Gifts Image Tarocco Orange & Nutmeg body wash picture


You can grab each for £12.99.



Colgate Proclinical 250+ Electric Toothbrush

This Colgate Proclinical 250+ Electric Toothbrush is another great item to include in a Mother’s Day gift hamper. I love the fact that it comes in a beautiful pink shade. It would definitely make a great gift for Mother’s Day and many other occasions. Seeing this beauty on my bathroom shelf makes me want to stay the day right.


Colgate Electric Toothbrush image


You can grab this for £49.99 and it is also available in black.


English Tea Shop Premium Gift Tin

If Mum is a tea lover, then she would adore this pretty yummy Premium Gift Tin from English Tea shop. I love it. I have been making the amazing cups of tea thanks to this Premium Gift Tin.


Premium Gift Tin pictureEnglish Tea Shop Image


This Premium Collection of luxurious handpicked teas contains 24 individually wrapped pyramid tea bags and is available from Amazon at £10.00 for 1 pack.



Nelson’s arnica Bath & Massage Balm

This luxurious dual-purpose balm would be a great little gift for Mother’s Day. It’s so perfect for pouring into a bath and for a good massage. If you want to spoil mum this Sunday, grab this on Amazon or your local Boots store for £8.55 only.


Arnicare Image



Smile Jamaica Wireless Bluetooth Earphones

This Smile Jamaica Wireless Bluetooth Earphones by the House of Marley, would be a nice gift for the music lovers. You would catch me listening to music every chance I get, so this is an ideal gift for me. I love the copper colour and design too.


House of Marley Earphones image


You can grab this for £49.99 but it is currently on offer for £34.99. It is available in Black, Brass, Copper and Denim.



Noble Isle Willow Song Lavenham Walk Body Scrub

You can give the gift of pampering this Mother’s Day with this Noble Isle Willow Song Lavenham Walk Body Scrub. This sugar exfoliating scrub removes dry, dull skin cells to help promote bright and healthy skin. Great for an evening after a busy day, when you have some extra minutes to spend in the bathroom.


Body Scrub Image


You can grab it for £28.


StylPro Makeup Brush Cleaner

This StylPro Makeup Brush Cleaner would be a great gift for makeup lovers like myself with a million and one makeup brushes. I love the fact that this makeup brush cleaner, invented by BBC’s The Apprentice Winner Tom Pellereau, cleans and dries all makeup brush types in seconds, leaving brushes clean and ready to reuse straight away.


Makeup Brush Cleaner Image


You can grab this for £49.99.


Another fab item to include in a Mother’s Day Hamper is the Dorco EVE 6. It has a bendable 6 blade refill cartridge, designed to follow the curves of your body when shaving. A perfect little gem!
Razor blade image
Mother's Day gift idea image
You can grab a pack for £5.09.
What do you think of these items? Please share your thoughts.
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