10 Fashion Hacks You Need to Know

In a blink of an eye, a well-thought of outfit can be ruined.  The good news is that there is a fashion hack to every fashion problem, and an accessory to save the day. Before I get into the 10 fashion hacks, here is a new accessory from Touch I have been styling my outfits with.


Scarf image

Touch London Scarf Image


I love this Burlington scarf a lot. The colours are my favourite and I love the fact that I can have them all in 1 scarf. I think the design is so amazing, and I am always blown away by the other scarf designs by Touch. I wish I could grab them all. They would be great fashion accessories for spring and summer outfits for sure.

Here are some more photos, so you can appreciate the beauty a bit more 😊


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UK Fashion Blog image

Fashion Image


Back to the fashion hacks, here are 10 priceless fashion hacks that you can try out.


Remove makeup on your clothes with a wet wipe

Remember those days when you do your makeup and accidentally get makeup on your clothes? It can be a drag to change your clothes especially when it took ages to put the cute outfit together.

A simple way to remove the makeup stain is to use makeup remover wipes to gently wipe away the makeup from your outfit. It takes the makeup right off.


Get rid of the smell on vintage clothing

It’s surprising how many cute pieces you’ll find in a thrift store. But together with those clothes comes a peculiar odour that is customary with every vintage outfit from the thrift store. To get rid of the smell, spray some distilled vinegar on the clothes. For tough musty smells, let it stay in a bag of baking soda for a day or two.


Fashion and Style Police Blog Image



Stop zippers from slipping

This is a common occurrence with jeans. Sometimes after zipping the jeans, the zipper could slide back down. A cool hack is to take a key-ring the size of a penny. Hook it to the end of the zipper and loop the key-ring on the button of your jeans. That will stop the zipper from slipping down.


Take the sweat stains off your white shirt

Of all the things that could ruin a white shirt, yellow sweat stains are among the worst. Even after putting your white shirt through several rounds of washing with a good detergent, the yellow stains hardly leave. All you need to do is apply some lemon juice and throw it in the washing machine. The stains will vanish.


Make your shoes spotless

Who wouldn’t want to look flawless from head to toe? But shoes are the worst hit in this situation. To get stains off your shoes, keep some baking soda handy. Mix baking soda with water and use a toothbrush to get all the stains, marks and dirt out.


Jacket without wrinkles

Ever wondered how some people managed to have jackets with no wrinkles? Well I came across this hack that keeps jackets wrinkle-free. It lies in how you keep them. What you need to do is turn your jackets inside out and fold them. That helps to keep the wrinkles and creases at bay.



Fashion Image


Deal with stinky sneakers

We’re all too familiar with the funky smell that comes from our shoes and sneakers and on to the feet. Here’s a simple hack to get rid of the smell: add some baking soda in your shoes and the odour goes away.


Find jeans that fit

Here’s a cool trick to find out if a pair of jeans fit without trying them on. Hold the pair of jeans and wrap the waist around your neck. If the two ends touch each other behind your neck, then they’re most likely a perfect fit.


Keep the stubborn collars from curling

Crisp collared shirts, especially on work days, make you look formal and chic. But not when the collars start curling on their own. To stop those stubborn collars from curling on their own, use a flat iron to press the collars flat and keep them tamed throughout the day.


Give your jewellery some shine

Even the simplest of jewellery adds a lot of charm to your outfits. However, the shinier your jewels the more alluring it is on you. To add some shine to your jewelry, use ketchup to clean your silver jewellery and beer to clean your gold jewellery.


Do you have any tried and tested fashion hack? What do you think of my Burlington scarf?


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Fashion and Style Police Reviews Rafra Balm Orange Extra Cleansing

I had the great opportunity to try out Rafra Balm Orange Extra Cleansing some weeks ago and I am now completely sold on the product. It is my first time trying out this Japanese brand, and I am glad I got the opportunity. I have used this cleanser a few times now, and I really like it.


Rafra Balm Image


Product Description

Rafra Balm Orange Extra Cleansing is multi-functional. This cleanser serves as a makeup remover, facial cleanser, massage cream, exfoliant, and a facial mask. It removes impurities from the pores thoroughly and promotes smooth, luminous skin, with an amazing natural orange fragrance.

It is formulated without artificial fragrance, coloring, mineral oil, preservative, petroleum surfactant, paraben, and alcohol.


How to Use

1. Place a small amount into dry hands and rub together to heat up before applying to a dry face.

2. Massage gently in circular motions.

3. Rinse thoroughly with warm water.


  1. I love the sweet orange fragrance. It smells so good.
  2. The cleanser feels amazing on my skin.
  3. I love the fact that to contains no artificial fragrance, coloring, mineral oil, preservative, petroleum surfactant, paraben, or alcohol.
  4. My skin feels soft and smooth after using this Rafra product.
  5. I like the fact that it is a multi-functional product. It means I can just grab this instead of 5 different product. Great to take away on holidays.


Rafra Product Review Image


  1. I would have found it easier to use if it came in a tube.
  2. It is quote pricey at £42.28 if you are shopping from the UK on eBay. I got this from Japan for the equivalent of that so it is quite an expensive product but I understand why.
  3. It does not wipe off my makeup completely especially the eye makeup area and when I have on heavy makeup. So it is best to wipe off the eye makeup before using this product.


Overall, I do recommend Rafra Balm Orange Extra Cleansing and I will be buying it again. I like the glow I get after using it.

Have you tried this product or any other Japanese skincare product before? Please share your thoughts in the comments section.

Thanks for stopping by. Have a beautiful day.




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